April report, Part 1

April 13, 2020 2-PAC report, Part 1: Together-Separately edition

While the rest of us do our part in containing Covid-19 by staying at home, our first responders are still out there, working to keep us safe.  Law enforcement officers, medical providers, and mental health and family development services are busier than ever in times of stress.   Among the agencies on call helping  people manage stress is Cornerstone. 

Jenna Strank, Communications and Development Coordinator of Cornerstone offered the following summary of services.

Founded in 1983, Cornerstone’s ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime. We believe that safe and stable futures are possible when we coordinate an effective crisis response, implement trauma-informed support services, mitigate the impact of violence on children and youth and confront the roots of violence. 

CORNERSTONE’S MISSION: Cornerstone’s continuum of service helps to create communities where individuals and families are safe and children thrive. We advocate, educate and lead the way to social change. 

In 2019, Cornerstone served 4,016 unduplicated individuals. An additional 30,001 calls, text, online chats and emails were placed to Cornerstone’s Day One® Call Center last year and over 12,000 students participated in presentations on unhealthy/healthy relationships, bullying, anger awareness and sexual harassment in school. 

CORNERSTONE offers a continuum of services:  

DAY ONE:  This statewide program is a crisis hotline that connects victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and general crime to emergency safe housing and resources from over 90 agencies throughout Minnesota via phone, text or online chat messaging. It is staffed around the clock, seven days a week.

Minnesota Day One® Crisis Line:

Call: 1-866-223-1111

Text: 612-399-9995

Email: safety@dayoneservices.org

Visit www.dayoneservices.org to chat online with an advocate.

STATEWIDE GENERAL CRIME VICTIM SUPPORT LINE is offered by Cornerstone through the Day One program.  Under Minnesota law, a crime victim is defined as a person who incurs loss or harm as a result of a crime. The support line is staffed around the clock, seven days a week, with advocates who can answer questions, provide support and offer referrals to necessary resources.

Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line:

Call: 1-866-385-2699

Text: 12-399-9977

Email: safety@dayoneservices.org

Visit www.dayoneservices.org to chat online with an advocate.

Emergency Services:

Cornerstone offers a seamless continuum of safe emergency shelter and supportive services designed to meet the needs of victims fleeing from violence. Once in shelter, comprehensive programming helps victims rebuild their lives and restore hope. In 2019, 121 adults and 121 children received 11,365 nights of safe housing and 34,095 meals.

Individual and Group Support for Adults:

Individual appointments can be made to speak confidentially with an advocate about your situation. In addition, a variety of educational and support groups are also available.

Economic Empowerment Services for Adults:

Advocates are available to assist survivors with addressing economic barriers resulting from violence: housing de-stabilization, job readiness, credit/debt issues, financial literacy and safety needs. Services also include transitional housing and access to matched savings accounts for cars, homes or continued education.

Criminal and Civil Justice Intervention Services for Adults:

Advocates work with police departments to provide services when an incident of interpersonal violence occurs and can assist in pursuing protective orders. Advocates provide court accompaniment, safety planning and referrals. Advocates are available for support throughout the court processes, working toward victim safety and offender accountability.

General Crime Victim Services for Adults:

General crime services provides a full range of advocacy and crisis intervention for victims, families and community members affected by crime and violence. Examples of general crime include burglary, identity theft, homicide, robbery, fraud, auto theft and bias/hate crimes.

General Crime Victim Services Line: (612) 767-9844

Clinical Therapy Services Adults, Youth and Families:

Our therapy team utilizes a trauma-informed approach and will listen and support survivors in processing traumatic events and provide healthy coping skills to assist with the healing journey. Therapists are available to help deal with a range of issues, including anxiety, depression or disrupted family functioning. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale.

Youth Advocacy:

Youth advocates are available to meet with children, youth and their families to learn more about how violence impacts their social, emotional, physical and behavioral health – and to develop strategies to heal from any past traumatic events.

Support Groups, Classes and Workshops for Children and Youth:

Cornerstone also provides prevention and advocacy for sexually exploited or at-risk youth – providing a safe place to share their stories, receive support and explore resources. Young people participate in diverse out-of-school time activities such as peer education groups, recreational activities and leadership opportunities designed to promote positive development.

School-based Services:

Educators are in more than 20 schools in suburban Hennepin County, speaking with thousands of students each year and offering classroom education and individual support on the topics of dating violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, unhealthy anger/aggression, sexting, harassment and sexual violence.

Parenting and Early Childhood Services:

Parents are provided with a safe space to discuss strategies on parenting children ages birth-17 who have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences. Staff provide creative approaches to setting appropriate boundaries, building relationships and understanding the developmental needs of their children. Specialized activities are also available for children ages 0-5.

Cornerstone Locations:

Main Office (Southern Hennepin County)

1000 East 80th Street | Bloomington, MN

Office: (952) 884-0376 | Office Fax: (952) 884-2135

24-Hour Crisis Line: (952) 884-0330

Northern Hennepin County

7051 Brooklyn Boulevard | Brooklyn Center, MN

Office: (952) 884-0376 | 24-Hour Crisis Line: (952) 884-0330


2241 East 38th Street | 2249 East 38th Street | 1501 Xerxes Avenue North

Office: (952) 884-0376 | 24-Hour Crisis Line: (952) 884-0330

Jenna suggested that some people might want to view a video that highlights Cornerstone’s impact. 


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