May Report, part 1

Update and Planning Ahead

The Second Precinct Open House was cancelled this week, but we’re building plans for an exciting set of meetings, starting in June.
Did you know:  In 2019,  Minneapolis was ranked the top biking city in the U.S., for the second year running!!  Here’s how good we’ve got it:  the #2 city is Portland, Oregon — a warm weather town! [SEE ** BELOW]

Northeast resident Dan Miller (a.k.a. MplsBikerDan) has been leading bikers of every age to explore our city’s bike trails, and he’s been doing it for a long time.   I’ve spotted Dan leading a string of Pillsbury Elementary School kids down Como Avenue, leading a band of Edison High School kids across the U campus, and I’ve spotted him biking just about everywhere else I travel in town. 

On June 8, join our regular 2-PAC meeting.   We’ll be gathering remotely.   Dan Miller will present a ride briefing, covering the Great Northern Greenway and the 22nd Bike Blvd as avenues of discovery.  You’ll hear how Minneapolis earned it’s #1 ranking from someone who knows every part of our trails.
When people can safely share a group ride, Dan will lead a trek following the  Greenway and 22nd Bike Blvd.   We’re hoping to schedule that  later this summer when we find out what safe social distancing looks like then.  Contact me FFI

Stay well, and we’ll see each other soon!

Emilie Quast, Board member
MPD Second Precinct Advisory Council (2-PAC)
Minneapolis MN 55418


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