April report, Part 2

COURTWATCH:    There were no proposed additions to the list from either Hennepin County Attorney’s office or Minneapolis Attorney’s Office.   Updates are noted below. 


  • Tanner DeWitt: Convicted of Felony receiving stolen property  8/18/19; convicted of receiving stolen property on 9/26/19.  Dept of Correction,  release 9/8/20, probation to 2/5/21.
  • Miles Shaw remains in the DOC through 4/27/20 and will be on parole to 9/25/20.
  • Michael Zaccardi, convicted on 4/4/20 for 3rd degree assault; on probation until 4/5/22

Awaiting a hearing:

  • Richard  Breen – April 2019, cited for trespassing and placed in special hold as he was unable to care for himself.  Convicted and on probation until 9/20.  Cited for trespassing on 9/19, waiting for pretrial (Restorative Court) on 4/22/20. 
  • Kelli Durow (aka Tamera Hoveland) 39 city contacts since 2017, 38 in the Second Pct.  Habitual trespassing on or near U of MN.  “05/12/2020 Rule 20 Return and 05/26/2020 Arraignment/Tracking date” for 8 charges. Further charge 4th degree assault.   Hearing on competency 5/12/20
  • Samuel Haase has a hearing on 5/11/20 for trespass, disorderly conduct, 5th degree assault, 4th degree damage to property, and other complaints.
  • Johnny Hall was discharged from probation 4/19, but charged with 5th degree drug poss. and DWI on 1/16/20 and has a pretrial on 5/18/20.
  • Daniel Heacock was recommitted on 2/4/20 and has a competency hearing on 8/11/20
  • Cody Horton has a review hearing on 4/23/20.
  • Christian Klockeman is a repeat trespasser around U of M and has a Felony threat of violence charge 11/11/19.  He has a hearing on 5/22/20
  • Joshua Poplawski was released from the workhouse on 10/30/19.  He received multiple trespass citations from 11/7/19, mostly in the U of MN area and received a Trespass Violate citation on 2/4/20.  Arraignment is scheduled for 5/20/20 and pretrial on 5/27.
  • Kirk Robledo is a frequent trespasser near the U of MN.  He was cited for  trespass on 10/2/19 and theft on 10/6/19.  Hearing on 6/23/20.
  • Leslie Wade received 3 trespass citations in the U of MN area; he has a pretrial on 6/9/20 after 2 hearings in Robbinsdale for Disorderly Conduct (5/14/20) and 4th degree damage to property (5/21/20)

No Updates:

  • Paula Heile remains on probation until 7/12/21. No further updates.

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