Writing a Community impact statement

There is no right format and it does not need to be long or creative.

Start by stating how you have been impacted by this type of crime – financially, emotionally, or physically.  Describe how other people including community residents, business owners, landlords, or children in your community are  impacted by this type of crime.  Discuss how this type of crime causes you and others to make different decisions in how you live.  Describe how this type of crime is unacceptable to you and other people in your community.

End by describing what you hope the court will do:  send the person to jail, order the person to get treatment, order the person to get employment, order the person to stay out of a particular area (i.e. a geographic restriction for a particular neighborhood), sentenced to service for garbage pickup, graffiti removal and so on.

A community impact statement is important to the court process and it can be written and submitted by any resident, neighborhood group, block club, neighborhood association or business.

Send your impact statements to your Crime Prevention Specialist.  They will deliver your impact statement to the proper City Attorney for misdemeanor cases,  or the proper County Attorney for state prosecuted felony cases.

Here is a link to identify your Crime Prevention Specialist.



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