June report, Part 1

We scheduled a speaker to highlight a Minneapolis recreation program this month.   It became clear, though, that  people are still processing the impact of the virus, the death of George Floyd, and the aftermath. We will be able to look ahead, hopefully soon, but people are not there yet.

If you’ve followed the 2-PAC programming over the last several years, you may have noticed a progression of information about  social and health resources available to all residents of Minneapolis or Hennepin County.   The programs in that series were deliberately chosen because it became apparent that too few people knew about them or knew how to approach the providers. 
I asked some of our previous presenters to list which of the many services available they’d offer to  those of us who are beginning to feel overwhelmed by confinement, by news reports, by illness in our city or in our family.
Here’s what they suggested:

  • Wellness in The Woods Warmline 5pm-9am 1-844-739-6369
  • Vets4Warriors Warmline 24/7 855-838-8255
  • Samaritan Hotline 24/7 212-673-3000 and 1-877-870-4673
  • MH Minnesota Warmline Available Monday-Saturday 5pm-10pm 651-288-0400 877-404-3190

People with special concerns, please check the following:

  • LGBTQ+ Crisis Line 24/7 1-866-488-7386
  • National Suicide Prevention Line 24/7 1-800-273-8255
  • Sexual Violence Center Crisis Line 24/7 612-871-5111
  • Day One Domestic Violence Crisis Line 24/7 1-866-223-1111
  • NAMI Parent Warmline (provide resources for family affected by mental illness) 651-645-2948 Parents.resources@namimn.org
  • Text for Life Text MN to 741741

If you or someone near you is having a crisis,  call COPE, 24 /7 at 612.596.1223.  The child crisis line is 612.348.2233.  If you’re not sure, call them and they’ll help you sort it out. 

If you are wondering how to handle everything  that’s going on, or just want to talk to someone who can help you understand your feelings, the folks in the groups listed above will protect your privacy and offer informed, compassionate suggestions.    Please call or email them.
2-PAC will be back in harness in July, likely on Zoom, celebrating one of the things that makes Minneapolis a wonderful place to live: our award winning bike trails.
While we’re on pause, think about joining a bike trek on one of the trails that won a “Best” award.  The treks will happen  (with appropriate health-protecting practices) before cold weather settles in, and as Covid-19 allows.  They’ll be led by people who know the trails — no guesswork for you.  Contact me for a tentative sign-up or to ask questions. e-quas@tc.umn.edu


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