May Report, Part 2

COURTWATCH:    There were no proposed additions to the list from either Hennepin County Attorney’s office or Minneapolis Attorney’s Office.   Updates are noted below.  Apparently a number of hearings were pushed back a month. 


  • Joshua Poplawski was released from the workhouse on 10/30/19.  He had received multiple trespass citations from 11/7/19, mostly in the U of MN area and received a Trespass Violate citation on 2/4/20.  On 12/22/19 a business at 9XX Washington Ave. reported a new trespass; under Rule of 6 (probation violation) he was booked in HCJ; first appearance is 6/9/20
  • Miles Shaw was released from DOC on  4/27/20 and will be on parole to 9/25/20.
  • Michael Zaccardi, convicted on 4/4/20 for 3rd degree assault; on probation until 4/5/22; convicted of trespass, given 45 days, stayed, and on probation until 1/31/21.

Awaiting a hearing:

  • Richard  Breen – May, 2020: Richard Breen is out of custody and waiting for a Pretrial, scheduled for 6/17/20 (Restorative Court)
  • Tanner DeWitt: Convicted of Felony receiving stolen property  8/18/19; convicted of receiving stolen property on 9/26/19.  Dept of Correction,  release 9/8/20, probation to 2/5/21.
  • Kelli Durow (aka Tamera Hoveland) 39 city contacts since 2017, 38 in the Second Pct.  Habitual trespassing on or near U of MN.  “Rule 20 Return” for 8 charges. Further charge 4th degree assault.   Arraignment on 7/20/20 [SEE RULE 20 BELOW]
  • Samuel Haase has a hearing now on 6/2/20 for trespass, disorderly conduct, 5th degree assault, 4th degree damage to property, and other complaints.
  • Johnny Hall was discharged from probation 4/19, but charged with 5th degree drug poss. and DWI on 1/16/20 and has a pretrial on 5/18/20.
  • Daniel Heacock was recommitted on 2/4/20 and has a hearing on 8/11/20re: check forgery
  • Cody Horton has a review hearing (MHC) triggered by a misdemeanor tamper M/V. Hearing is now scheduled for 5/21/20.
  • Christian Klockeman is a repeat trespasser around U of M and has a Felony threat of violence charge 11/11/19.  He is now scheduled for 6/23/20.
  • Kirk Robledo is a frequent trespasser near the U of MN.  He was cited for  trespass on 10/2/19 and theft at Target Express in Dinkytown on 10/6/19.  Hearing on 6/23/20.
  • Leslie Wade received 3 trespass citations in the U of MN area; he has a pretrial on 6/9/20 after 2 hearings in Robbinsdale for Disorderly Conduct (5/14/20) and 4th degree damage to property (5/21/20)

Rule 20:  Per www.MNCourts.govRule 20 evaluations occur in criminal cases when there is a belief that a defendant may not be competent to proceed with the case or was not responsible at the time of the alleged offense because of mental illness or developmental disability.  

No Updates:

  • Tanner DeWitt: Convicted of Felony receiving stolen property  8/18/19; convicted of receiving stolen property on 9/26/19.  Dept of Correction,  release 9/8/20, probation to 2/5/21.
  • Paula Heile remains on probation until 7/12/21. No further updates.

Trends in the last 14 days remain unchanged.  Marcy-Holmes has the highest number of reported incidents in the Second Precinct and is the only bike theft hotspot.  

Additionally, Marcy-Holmes has the highest number of motor vehicle theft.  That includes theft from motor vehicles, theft of motor vehicle parts and theft of motor vehicles.    

University Avenue is apparently a corridor.  Crime is most concentrated in Marcy Holmes but follows University Avenue out of M-H and all the way out of the city.  The rate of incidents decreasing the further  you get from M-H and the further you get from University Avenue.
Prospect Park shares  M-V and bike theft incidents with Dinkytown, but has relatively more burglary as well.
We continue to see more charges against  Jory D. Wiebrand, the accused serial rapist who just been charged in a 10th case (Star Tribune, 5.13.20).   Thanks go to the people who identified him, brought him in, and are continuing to step forward in this case.   


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