July 2-PAC report: Part 2

Our speaker, Lt. Mario Ruberto, is in the Metro-Transit Police Dept. His presentation was summarized in Part 1 of this report

COURTWATCH: Sandra Filardo, Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, presented updates: NATALIE BOX was convicted of 1st degree agg. robbery and 1st degree assault. She is in DOC w/ scheduled release on 2/7/23, parole until 4/8/25. JONELL BUTLER has a jury trial scheduled for 7/22 on 1st d agg-rob and 1st d. assault. SAMUEL HASSE has a 7/22 hearing for disorderly conduct; at a 7/2 hearing he was released to treatment on 7/3; he is being held for 8/14 hearing for other hearings in Ramsey and Dakota counties. JOHNNY HALL is meeting probation guidelines and remains on probation until 9/17/20. DANIEL HEACOCK had a hearing on 7/9/19. PAULA HEILLE remains on probation until 7/12/21 and is meeting probation rules. SPENCER HERMES was expected to be released on 7/26 to find a job; is on Electronic Home Monitoring. CODY HORTON had a review hearing on 7.18/19. MAHAD ISMAIL is on probation to 7/29/19. JOSHUA POPLAWSKI will be in the workhouse until 10/20/19 and will be on probation to 8/27/20 after his release. JAMES ZACCARDI is in mental health court but is on probation until 5/24/21 and seems to be doing well. MICHAEL ZACCARDI is on probation until 4/5/22, standard felony probation conditions apply. Natalie Box, Paula Heille, Mahad Ismael were removed from the list.

MENTAL HEALTH COURT AND DRUG COURTS:  Ms. Filardo:  If people are accepted into these courts, they receive treatment and resources that are intended to return them to good mental health. This is a compassionate, problem-solving response instead of punishment. This process is treated as a continuing case: they always see the same judge and the same prosecutor. Many people who go through these courts get the support they need from the program; we know because they do not violate again.

PRECINCT REPORT: Officer Christie Nelson reported that the predictable “summer” crimes are happening. Theft from garage is one you can prevent. When people are mowing their lawns, they do not lock the garage, probably because they’ll be so close. If you have a power mower, you won’t hear someone in your garage, and if they wait until you are on the other side of the house, you won’t see them, either. Similarly, if you’re working in the yard, lock your house. Remember that windows can have security stops that stop the window from being opened more than 6″ (too little for an adult to come in). The cost is under $3 per window: sash or sliding windows, about the same price. When the weather is nice, then there are more people out on the sidewalks or just walking around around the clock: keep tempting items in your house, not in the back seat of your car. We have extra patrols around the 500 block of Buchanan, in response to activity there.

Emilie Quast, Board Member  — MPD Second Precinct Advisory Council  — Minneapolis MN 55418


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