August 2-PAC: Part 2: Courtwatch and Precinct report

COURTWATCH:  Sandra Filardo, HCAO and Nnamdi Okoronkwo MplsAO, presented:
Jonell Butler pled guilty to 3 1st degree agg robberies and 1 agg. assault; sentencing on August 19, and the attorneys expect 199 months (over 16 years) of which he will serve 11 years.  Samuel Hasse was released to a treatment center on July 3, and remains there; conditions of probation are to complete treatment plus standard felony probation conditions; he will be on probation until 4/4/22.**  Daniel Heacock went to mental health court  in July and was recommitted on 7-19; next hearing is 01/14/20.
No updates:  Johnny Hall, on probation.  Spencer Hermes remains on probation to 05/23/22.  Cody Horton remains on probation until 11/19/21.  Joshua Poplawski remains in the workhouse until 10/30/19.  James Zaccardi remains on probation  until 02/24/21 and is doing well in Drug Court.  Michael Zaccardi remains on probation until 04/05/22.
News:  Paula Heille violated probation and is now on bench warrant status.
**Samuel Hasse is regularly in the business districts of Marcy-Holmes; people are starting to discuss how to restrict him after he gets out of treatment.  Geographic restrictions have gotten harder to obtain and are difficult to enforce — discussion is on-going.
Mental Health Court:  Both attorneys find the level of supervision in “treatment” court beneficial.  The case worker can actually keep closer contact with his clients with random calls, weekly check-ins.  Being assigned to Mental Health Court requires agreement from both parties: the prosecutors and the defendant’s team.  Not everyone is willing to accept that level of supervision or standard of compliance.  If they have some persistent mental health diagnosis,  such as  TBI, that will be taken into account when working out the treatment plan.
REPORT ON THE PRECINCT:  Inspector Loining presenting:  Our main problems remain property crimes: burglary, theft, auto theft, theft from motor vehicle, and similar  remain our top issues.  The MN Daily and Northeaster will be publishing stories on preventing these common crimes as new students arrive for Fall Semester.
In the time between mid -July and early August, the 2nd Precinct received reports of robbery of person, a car-jacking at gunpoint (500 block of 2nd SE), arrest was made  with subjects charged,  Auto theft includes mopeds which are all over the University area and we’ll be sending tips there.  Bike theft also remains high.  We’re please to report that an officer made a traffic stop on August 2, and it was a stolen vehicle — the subject was arrested and charged.  A similar stop last week was a stolen moped which was recovered and the subject charged and sent to jail.
We had two burglary of businesses the first week of August, and these were from construction sites; it’s easier for people to get into these sites since there are no alarms.  One fellow just squeezed between two chain locked gates and scaled his way up the crane to the crow’s nest at the top.  Officers couldn’t get them charged for burglary but did get a trespass charge filed.  These sites are attractive to people who plan to steel copper  and other construction materials (and it’s likely the crane climber thought it was an exciting thing to do.)  The two thefts from construction sites, officers were able to get identification and one person arrested.
Shots fired, two incidents: the first was on the 1100 block of Summer Street, no one hit.  The second was in Logan Park, people not from NE came to have a party, no one got hurt but the people didn’t seem cooperative.  More patrols are scheduled for that area. in the.
We had a sexual assault 700 block of 4th St. SE, at 3AM.  The victim was able to fight him off and he took off running.  A description went out to residents and university staff.
Two robberies of persons, the first on the  3600  Central Avenue block,  and the second, by the same person, recovered a gun and another up on Tyler by the same suspect.
Finally a party house  800 block 26th Ave. NE, last year this house was known for the most overdoses in the city.  The other house is on 3200 of Garfield party house, bonfires, alleged dope dealing; we’ve had two search warrants issued for that house in the past year.  The guy recently went to jail for aggravated domestic assault. Neighbor complaints first brought this house to the Precinct attention.
9/3 is the next  police academy recruit draft.  Inspector Loining asked for 6 new officers for the 2nd.
Schools are starting: public school on Sept 3 and the U of M opens a few days earlier. We’ll be offering coffee and more in a couple of places to U of Mn Students to welcome them back.
QUESTION:  Package thefts in the neighborhood.  Loining:  package thefts are not just a 2nd pct problem and it’s not just UPS or FedEx or any other carrier.  It’s all across the country.  And that picks up as the holiday season opens.  We’ve just gotten one case that has good ID; often when we find one person, the total number of thefts goes way down.  One person can be the source of a lot of trouble.
The next 2nd Pct Spotlight newsletter will be published in Sept.  You’ll want to sign up for it.

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