October PAC: Restorative Justice Program in MPLS

Join us on October 9 when we’ll get an update on the Minneapolis Restorative Justice program.  We had a speaker on this long ago, when they were just getting started.  The program has grown and developed over the years.  Our speaker will be from  Restorative Justice Community Action which you can read about here:  www.rjca-inc.org

There is more background info from the U of MN, including videos: http://www.cehd.umn.edu/ssw/rjp/

It’s very heady stuff.

We meet October 9, 6PM in the Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Ave NE.

Looking ahead:  1) Our November speaker will be from the MPD Implicit Bias training program.  2) It’s time to ask people to step forward to join the 2-PAC planning committee.  New people bring fresh ideas and that means better programs.  We NEED YOU!  3)  December is coming and with it is our 12/24 feast for First Responders who are on duty that family day, keeping you safe.  This year will be 2-PAC’s 34th year of saying “Thank-You”


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