October 2-PAC Update: Restorative Justice

Our speakers will be Alexander “Z” Quanbeck, the Adult Case Coordinator, and Tina Sigel, Community Coordinator. The Minneapolis Restorative Justice program is currently in its 20th Anniversary Year. It’s been working with the Second Precinct since 2003.

Join us to hear how RJ help might fit into your organization when you need extra hands and (maybe) a couple of strong backs. I needed both for a gardening project at Talmage Crossing and met the nicest fellow you’d ever share a shovel with.

We’ll meet at Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Ave NE. Gather at 6 PM and call to order about 6:10. Since City Employees have the day off, I hope more people will show up on Monday. We’ll have plenty of empty chairs.


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