December 24 at the Precinct

Dear Minneapolis Eastside neighbors,

The 2nd Precinct Advisory Council coordinates a special Christmas Eve event for the Minneapolis Police Officers and all other Emergency Responders who are on duty on December 24, serving and protecting Southeast and Northeast Minneapolis.

These are the people who work 365 days a year to protect us.  On this special day, when most of us are at home enjoying a peaceful day with friends and family, these people are putting in a full shift, working for us.

34 years ago, two friends were enjoying a walk on the 24th and realized that all the lights were on and people were working at the Precinct, as usual, on the 24th.  That didn’t seem right.  The friends spent the year planning how to make a special Thank You for the next year.  They contacted local restaurants and other places requesting ideas and donations.  33 years ago, it all came together with a Thank You buffet for the officers working on the 24th of December.  The event became a tradition and this year, we’re counting 33 years of Thank You events which depend on the generosity of Northeast and Southeast residents and businesses.

While the restaurants and other commercial kitchens are very generous with donations of food, it takes more than that to put on an event like this.  Right now, we’re doing our final inventory and looking for donations to fill in the gaps.  We’re short of some paper and plastic supplies, and looking for help to purchase them.  Can you or your neighborhood organization make a contribution to this fund?

This project depends on people to back up our 5-person 2-PAC Board and to back up the volunteers who have already signed up to transport donations to the Precinct and to work 2-hour shifts on the 24th.  If everything goes well we have barely enough people.  If someone gets a cold or has car trouble, we need backup.

If you find you can help by making a direct donation, please contact Emilie Quast  at the address below.

If you can donate time by picking up donations on December 23 and 24 (non-perishables only on the 23rd or before) or by putting in a 2-hour shift late on the  24th,  again, contact Emilie.

Thank you for all you do for our community. Happy Holidays to you.



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