December meeting: Plan our dinner

As always, our meeting will be in the Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Ave NE, at 6 PM.

Purpose of this meeting: to inventory what has been promised so we know what we are missing and can figure out how to fill in the blanks.
People already working on donations and outreach need to report how far many confirmed donations they have lined up and how many confirmed workers.

Also, we have people who are would like to do pickups on the 23rd and on the morning of the 24th. What donations are organizers willing to give to others to pick up?  When do the donors want this picked up?

People who have signed up to do something  for the event in advance, on the day, or follow up, will want to check on how many slots are filled or begging

People who want to learn more are welcome to just come in, listen, and offer your opinions about whatever.  You’ll probably be surprised at how much you already know; we hope you’ll share that with us.


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