Reminder: Nov. 2-PAC meeting and Holiday Thank-You event planning

What do you do before the EMT arrives?  Casidy Anderson will be there to  give us some guidance.   Following her presentation, we’ll get the State of the Precinct, Courtwatch update, and a bit more.  Then:

First planning meeting for our 33rd December 24  Thank you day-long dinner (plus 12.25 breakfast rolls and some grab and go lunch items)

We always welcome attenders and this month we’ll be happy to see volunteers, too!

For the December 24 all-day meal, you can sign up to:

1) request donations from commercial kitchens that haven’t participated before,

2) pick up donations before the event and deliver to the 2nd Precinct (likely on the morning of 12.24 but a few are earlier in the week),

3)  sign up to keep the foods fresh and safe (hot foods hot and cold foods cold), keep the  kitchen and dining room clean and neat: 2-hour shift between noon and 10 PM.

4) final kitchen clean up and lay out fresh foods on 12.25, 8AM to finished.

As usual, we meet at 1900 Central Ave NE, the Monroe Village Community Room.  We start at 6PM and there is plenty of free parking on Central and cross streets.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to participate, send an email to Emilie Quast  to let me know what you’d like to do for this thank-you  event.


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