November 14: 2-PAC. What do you do BEFORE the EMS gets there?

The US Dept. of Health set the standards for ambulance response: Class A EMS service arrives at the address within 8 minutes, 75% of the time.

But if someone stops breathing, brain damage  begins in only 4 minutes.  4 to 6 minutes after that, the person may be dead.   If someone is bleeding, they may not have much more time than that.  How do you tell if someone has overdosed?  In cardiac arrest?  what do you do for seizures?

Casidy Anderson, the MFD  Risk Reduction Officer,  will be our November MPD Second Precinct PAC speaker.  She will talk us through current best practices (which may have changed since you took that safety class) and tell you how to keep yourself safe in an emergency situation.

Following Casidy’s talk, we’ll hear the Monthly State of the Precinct report.  That will be followed by this month’s update on Courtwatch.

Join us on November 14.  As usual, we’ll gather at 6 PM in the Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Ave NE.  There’s plenty of free parking right on Central and on nearby cross streets.  The bus stop is at the corner.

After our regular meeting, we’ll have a kickoff meeting for  this year’s Thank You dinner for First Responders on December 24.


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