January minutes: Active shooter presentation

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM, 32  attenders

Inspector Waite presented the monthly Precinct report.

Statistics for 2015 show Part 1 crime (homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, auto theft and arson) is down again this year, a decrease of 3.7%.  The Precinct’s Part 1 crimes have dropped each of the last three years.  The most significant decrease was in property crimes (burglary, larceny/theft, auto theft and arson).  The majority of Second Precinct crime continues to be property crimes.  We have a terrific group of sergeants assigned to Second Precinct Property Crimes who are skilled at investigating these types of crime.

Reports of  violent crime were up 16% in 2015. Inspector Waite is confident that part of the rise in violent crime can be attributed to successful programs urging people to report crimes that were previously under-reported.  This is especially true for the rise in reports of sexual assault thanks to the University  Aurora Program on campus which advocates reporting.

Aggravated assault rose in 2015 especially in the NW corner of the precinct.  These tend to be assaults by people who know their victims.

Robberies increased this year.  They fall into a pattern, rising between 11PM and 4AM, especially on Thursday-Saturday nights.  The victims have often been consuming alcohol and may additionally attract attention by focusing on phones as they are walking along a dark street.  A phone screen light is very visible from over a block away. Robbers look for the screen lights. Phones are so easily sold that they are almost a form of cash income.


Officers had a significant increase arrests of people who committed violent crime this year.  There was a 69% increase in arrests of the most violent of offenders.

PRESENTATION: ACTIVE SHOOTER.  Our presenter was Sgt. Donald Jach who is a Supervisor of the Community Engagement Team of the MPD.

Sgt. Jach began by running a video, “Run > Hide > Fight>>  Surviving an Active Shooter Event”  This video emphasized that if you are caught in an active shooter event, your survival may depend on having a plan you’ve already thought through.   The plan endorsed is:

1) Run if you can; encourage others to run but don’t let them slow you down  Once you are out, call 911 immediately.  Try to stop others from entering the scene.
2) Hide if you can’t get out.  Block entry to your area with furniture, whatever you find on hand,  turn off the lights, stay out of sight.  Call 911 if you can.
3) Fight.  Look around and find something you can hit with or throw to incapacitate the shooter.

Be aware that victims are usually chosen at random —  if you are not seen, the shooter likely won’t look for you.

Sgt. Jach gave some background information.  Between 2000 and 2013, there were about 160 events in total, most after 2006.  In Minnesota, we had the Rocori High School, (2 killed 0 wounded), Red Lake (9 killed, 6 wounded), Accent Signage (6 killed and 2 wounded)  About 45% of the events were at businesses and 25% at Schools.

Of 160 shooters, only 6 were female.  64% of the shooters committed suicide and another 21% were stopped.  Surrender is rare.  Shooters often begin by killing someone in their family, and then go on.  They may be angry and looking for revenge (after divorce, job loss, etc.), may be mentally ill, or may be acting on ideology.  Younger males tend to have issues like depression, and have been previously in trouble with the police.  Generally only two things stop them: suicide and police interaction.

If anything positive came out  of Columbine, it is that now all officers receive Active-Shooter training and are expected to act immediately.  The Columbine death toll was so high because back then, police were trained  to secure the building and wait for a police team with special training.  Now all officers have the training to go in.

When First Responders arrive, keep calm, stay in place, and show your hands.  At this point Officers have no idea who they are looking for, but their aim is to eliminate the threat — to identify the shooters and make them stop. Officers will not stop to help the wounded. Their job is to stop the shooter.  Then, the EMTs will come in to assist you.

Sgt. Jach’s best advice:  Be aware of your surroundings.  Be prepared to react.  Always have an exit plan. And always: If you see something, say something.

In answer to some questions:  He believes there are now more of these events for several reasons, including more news coverage which lay out steps taken by shooters; others can copy this.   He also suggests that violent video games teach violence.  What is a “mass shooting”: more than 3 or 4 shot.

You’ll find in-depth history at the FBI  website, including this PDF:

The following is an FBI quick reference site, and includes the video brought by Sgt Jach.

For other questions or to schedule a presentation geared to your church, business group, or other facility, contact: donald.jach@minneapolismn.gov


Curtis Dean Laroque has 19 arrests since 1995, 16 in the 2nd Precinct.  He has a new bench warrant, issued January 5.  He has been accused of theft, and is trespassed from the Quarry Target.

Christopher Michael Perkins has 17 arrests since 1995, 12 in the 2nd Precinct.  He has been charged with 5th degree drug possession, and just had a hearing on 1/11 (the results hadn’t been reported yet that evening).  COMMUNITY IMPACT STATEMENT REQUEST – will be sent separately.

Shawn Anthony Shelton has been dropped from the watch list

Bianka Kiersten Truman cleared her bench warrant on 1/3 and the attorneys had no further information.

Added to the list:  Albert Moen, 18 arrests since 2010. 15 in the Second Pct since 2013.  He was found with stolen wire belonging to the railroads. He will be in court on 1/20.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20, with no time for Old Business, New Business, Election of officers.


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