February 2-PAC: Don’t be a target on the street

Please join us for this month’s Second Precinct PAC.  We meet  on the second Monday of the month, February 8, at 6 PM.  Monroe village Community Room, 1900 Central Ave NE.  There is plenty of free parking on Central Avenue and adjacent side streets.

STAY SAFE ON THE STREETS    Robberies have been on an uptick in several parts of the Second Precinct.  While some of that increase is likely due to increased reporting, part of it, especially around the U, is a real uptick.  It’s winter now and cold.  Most of us are not strolling down the streets enjoying the view but soon enough the weather will warm up and we’ll be out there.  Now is the time to think your way through the strategy you need to keep yourself from looking like an easy target.  Nick Juarez, CPS for the south sector of the Second Precinct is our presenter.

State of the Precinct:  Inspector Waite will report on new trends and current statistics.

Minutes of January meeting:  approve or amend

Treasurer’s report:

Courtwatch: Representatives from the City and County Attorney Offices will present changes in our Watch list.

Old Business:   We ran out of time in January, so didn’t recap the December 24 dinner, and we’ll do that quickly.

New Business: Plan the Program for the next year.  What do you want to hear about.  What topics are already being worked up?  Curious about something?  Let us know.

Election of officers:
Memo:  I apologize that  this agenda is very late.  I won’t send agenda out until I have confirmations and the people I needed to hear from were out of contact. — EQ

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