Dec. report, part 2: Encampments in Minneapolis, Q&A and STATE OF THE PRECINCT Incl. YouTube video


From the MPD Crime Dashboard:

Crime                                   2022            2021

Assault                                    72                 71

     Incl. Dom.aslt.                    10                   8

Burglary                                   17                 44   down 61.4%

Vandalism                                30                 86   down 65.1%

Homicide (non negligent)          1                    0

Homicide (negligent)                 1                    0

Larceny/Theft                        148                 201 down 26.4%

Mot.Veh.Theft                          83                  74

Robbery                                   11                  32  down 65.6%

    Incl car jacking                       2                   9  down 77.8%

Sex offenses                              2                   6  down 66.7%

Stolen Prop. Offenses                2                   6  down 66.7%

Weapons law violations.             7                   7

Good numbers!

Lt Nelson  noted that, nationwide, the cars most easily stolen remain Kias and Hyundai, as noted      There are YouTube videos on how to steal them!

There are several lists of “most often stolen cars” if you want to see if yours made a list.   If you have a target car or simply want to keep what you’ve got, and own a garage, lock the garage and the car.  Think about putting a club on the car.   None of these will prevent a determined thief from taking your car, but each of them will slow the thief down just that much more.   If you can’t afford a club, the Precinct has a limited number of clubs to give away.

QQ Where do Porch Pirates fit on the list?

Ali:  Theft like that is part of the larceny/theft count.   The level of offense is determined by the value of the item stolen.

EQ: Several law firms have clear statements of how the various levels of theft are determined and what sentences they trigger.  The following is well written but there are others:    or see MN Court Rules, sentencing guidelines

Again, it’s better to prevent theft than to make up for the loss.  You can have an online purchase sent to a secure location. UPS has its own.  Amazon uses some lock stations across the  city.  Home Depot now has its own locker site in the main entrance of their building –I think that’s for its stock only.)

Lt. Nelson noted that some people have packages delivered to them at work if they work in an office.  She also noted that the RING doorbells seem to be detering some theft.  If the camera is well located, you have an instant bit of evidence and a clear picture. 

CPS Ali suggested that if you’re having an expensive item delivered, require signature at delivery.   That way, if the item disappears, you have proof of delivery; the vendor will replace the item and charge it back to the delivery service.

A Youtube video of this meeting, including “Encampments in Minneapolis” and “Courtwatch,” is posted on

Emilie Quast, Board memberMPD Second Precinct Advisory Council, 2-PAC

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