July Report, Part 1: State of the Precinct – Courtwatch

NOTE:  This report has been divided into 3 parts because of length and detailed information shared by the invited speakers.  They follow this report.

The July 11, 2022 meeting was called to order at 6:35PM with 15 attenders

Housing issues in the 2nd Precinct – Two reports. 

Daniel  La Croix is a Housing Inspector with Minneapolis Inspection Services.   He is here with  Kendre Turonie who leads Off Campus Living at the University.   Off Campus Living has become more and more important since the U no longer can house more than the Freshman class on campus.  U Students now live all across the city, many, perhaps most of them in the 2nd Precinct.  In consequence, renters, property managers and owners all need to know what the Minneapolis Code says about rental property.   They’ll also benefit from learning what services and help are available from City Inspections and from Off campus Living.   

I’ve asked Mr La Croix and Ms Turonie  to talk about issues we all know are common across the Precinct:  noisy neighbors, bad plumbing, poor workmanship and delayed maintenance.   Then there are tenants’ rights and landlords’ rights and property owners’ rights and each of those sets of rights comes with a set of obligations, too, some of which they’ll be spelling out. 

These reports have been issued separately, see Parts 2 and 3.


The inspector reviewed Second Precinct trends over the previous 4 weeks.  

Violent crime is still low in comparison with the other precincts in Minneapolis which are reporting 3 or 4 times the rates in the 2nd Pct. — their numbers are running into the double digits and even the low 20s.   We  The worst are carjackings and robberies.   steady or going down We’re seeing a number of stolen cars — we’re sending out community information on how to keep your car safer.   He pointed out that people used to have to crack the steering column to drive off a stolen car, but now you can find videos on TicToc on how to start the car you want to steal.  [EQ: spotted on NextDoor in August:  someone reported “How-To” instructions for stealing Kias using a USB cable (Kia recommends getting  a steering wheel lock, like “the Club”).   Another person reported “same” but for Hyundai.

There was a serious shooting at 6th and Main SE.   An innocent person was shot and was on life support as we met.  

The biggest news  was the 4th of July shooting.  The Inspector met at Kramaczuk’s with concerned citizens.  [Read the report here: https://www.startribune.com/were-in-dire-trouble-after-mass-shooting-july-4th-minneapolis-braces-for-summer-of-gun-violence/600188971/   You’ll find policing statistics at the end of the story.]   Police response by July 11 was to shut down the street at 6th and Main which turned that into a cul-de-sac so people couldn’t drive through.  They also closed off the cul-de-sac that is  at the end of the bridge because this was that gathering place where people shot fireworks at other people and aimed for balconies in surrounding buildings.   Inspector Peterson from the 1st Precinct closed off the south end of the Bridge and kept their side under watch. 

[Additional information:  https://www.startribune.com/fireworks-shot-at-vehicles-buildings-people-for-hours-overnight-in-downtown-minneapolis/600187761/   Significant statistic:  “From 9 p.m. Monday [July 4] to 4 a.m., Tuesday . . . . more than 1,300 calls were made to 911 and more than 80 officers were on duty.  Please do the math on that to better understand why they can’t respond to every call. — EQ] 

Another shooting happened at 6th and Main which sent 6 people to the hospital (all but one self-transported)  Six people were arrested, all were between the ages of 16 and 18.  One was from Minneapolis and the rest from Brooklyn Park.

The next story is the closed down cooperative house at 1721 University.  That has been a trouble address for a long time.   The plans are that this building will be rehabbed.  Since that building has been boarded up, crime has definitely gone down in Dinkytown.  [Both sides of the story:  https://mndaily.com/273244/news/student-co-op-president-vp-speak-on-recent-events/ ]

To end on a Good Note, someone remembered the long-standing request from the Second Precinct to notify them if you are planning  a large public gathering (as for a family or class union or similar.   The Precinct was notified there would be a large planned gathering at Bottineau Park.   Officers were advised in advance to ensure it was a successful and safe event.   Thank you to the planners for notifying the Precinct and to the officers who responded.


Holly was in special training so didn’t have time to look for much.   Courts are slowly reverting to in-person hearings.  

The Probation Office is also part of a now-forming Task Force on Gun Violence. 


The Highway Enforcement for Aggressive Traffic (HEAT)  campaign reported some welcome statistics;  In July 8 (four days after the July 4 eruption) “Troopers stopped 279 drivers for traffic infractions and issued 52 cirations to motorists who did not hold a valid driver’s license.  Troopers also made 17 arrests, including 11 drivers who were impaired.” The next night it was 250 traffic stops, another 52 drivers who didn’t have a valid license, 20 arrests and another 11 drivers who were impaired.  The State Patrol pub 20 additional troopers in Minneapolis “and its aviation unit [was] watching from the skies…. [Troopers] tagged multiple drivers who had illegal fireworks and arrested several who attempted to flee law enforcement.  In one case, troopers in a helicopter saw a driver throw a firearm while trying to run from police on foot.”  The full story is https://www.startribune.com/street-racing-patrols-stop-hundreds-of-drivers-over-the-weekend/600189301/   

A follow-up story appeared in the S’Trib on July 22 https://www.startribune.com/charges-detail-peril-of-chronic-street-racing-other-antics-at-intersection-takeovers-in-minneapolis/600192386/     This story is about the people who takeover intersections  with very powerful cars that do “doughnuts” at intersections.   Lt. Nelson discussed this several months ago.   Her assertions are all correct: these events are not random, they are planned.   They are also announced on media and they are very dangerous to people who watch them.  We’ve got a start on controlling this.

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