May Report, Part 2: State of the Precinct, Courtwatch


Summary of Crime statistics for last 28 days, (04/10/22-05/08/22) compared  with same in 2021

2022 2021

Assault           63   up  from       60   (incl. domestic agg.aslt. 4, down from 7)

Burg, B&E      30  down from    46  AND down from the 3 year average

Vandalism       66  up from        49

Homicide           0                        0

Larceny/theft  228  up from     192

M.V. Theft         60 up from        49

Robbery              7 down from   25 (incl carjacking 1, down from 4)

Sex offenses       8 up from         2

Stolen prop.        1 down from     2 

Weapon law violations **     9  up from         8

Shots fired calls  22 up from       14

Gunshot wounds  5  up from         2

** Weapons law violation — Atty. Okoronkwo explained that this is just a broad violation definition:  a person has a gun who is not supposed to have one in their possession for any of a number  of reasons.   They may have a prior conviction or may have committed a domestic assault.  From Ms Ihrke:  a felon is not supposed to possess a gun. 

STATE OF THE PRECINCT:  Lt. Nelson reporting:

We have 16 people completing their Field Training by the end of June, so they’ll be ready to work independently.   They’ve done their 5-months of on-the-job training with their field officer.     We have ten more who are starting their Field Training. 

You may have read that the MN State Patrol and the BCA will be working some high visibility patrols through the summer. They will be working mostly on the North Focus Zone in the 4th Precinct and the South Focus Zone on Lake Street from Hiawatha to 35W, plus the area between Nicollet and Hennepin Avenues. Check Tiny URL

MPD will still respond to 911 calls. 

The MPD offered 5 listening sessions to hear what residents want in the next Police Chief.   Here’s a brief summary of the program:

Spring Jam was quiet for several reasons, including the weather.   It was 39 degrees and raining.  EQ: Also, there were several comments in the Minnesota Daily about having bands that were bigger draws in other years.

Art-A-Whirl is coming this month in the NE Arts quarter of Minneapolis.  It’s May 20-22 and here’s a map:


  P.O. Ihrke reported charges filed from 2nd Precinct incidents:

  • 9 felony assaults,
  • 1 burglary,
  • 1 felony traffic incident (fleeing)
  • 1 obscenity
  • 2 robberies.

Emilie Quast, Board member

MPD Second Precinct Advisory Council


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