February Report, part 2

The meeting was called to order at 6:17; 20 attenders
Our speaker was Judge Lisa Janzen, Fourth Judicial District.  After several years as an assistant public defender in the 7th and 1st districts and managing attorney in the 1st District Public Defender’s Office, Judge Janzen requested a rotation into treatment courts because she had a background working in treatment courts as a defender.  Her appointment in Hennepin County Mental Health Court began in January 2020.  She also presides in Veterans Court. That presentation is summarized in Part 1 of this report.It will be released no later than Wednesday.

COURTWATCH presented by Nnamdi Okoronkwo, City Attorney’s Office
Richard Breen had a hearing on Feb. 12, in Restorative Court
Tanner Dewitt has a hearing on 2-21 for felony auto theft

Kelli Durow is charged with misd. trespass and interfere with a Police Officer.  She has been found incompetent and has a May 12 competency hearing

Samuel Haase has a Feb.25 hearing on 3rd degree burglary, but had been doing well.

Johnny Hall is under supervision after conviction.  He’s trying to get back into chemical dependency treatment.

Paula Heille violated probation on 11/19/19 and was sentenced to 180 days, with furlough to treatment after Rule 25 at the workhouse is complete and a bed is available. 

Christian Klockeman had a hearing on Feb.10 for felony threats of violence on 11/11; trespass at U of M on 12/14/19.  There is a note about Vet’s Court.

Joshua Poplawsi was found competent on  Feb.2 and had a Feb. 7 hearing
Kirk Robledo is in Ramsey County workhouse to Feb.29, but had a pretrial hearing on Feb.14 for a trespass on U of M campus

Miles Shaw had a Feb.12 hearing for trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia on U of MN campus; on Feb.18  will have a default hearing.  N.B. 5 incidents on U of MN campus.

Leslie Wade: had a Feb.6 pretrial for  U of MN trespass – is now on warrant status (bench warrant?)

Michael Zaccardi  remains on probation for 3rd degree assault until 4/5/22.  He was convicted for misdemeanor trespass and is on probation for that until 1/31/21.
Heacock was recommitted on Feb. 4; next hearing is Aug.11Spencer Hermes: no updates so is probably doing OK

Cody Horton: no updates so is probably doing OK

James Zaccardi has successfully completed  the terms of probation so far.  There is a comment:  Looks like he graduated from Mental Health Court.   He remains on probation until May 24, 2021 

PRECINCT  REPORT Sgt. Christie Nelson was beaming when she reported that the 2nd Precinct, working with the 4th Precinct, caught the BB gun vandals.  They were in a car and taking random shots at house windows, parked vehicles and other targets including the owner of Wendy’s House of Soul (restaurant).   One shot shattered a car’s side window and drove glass into the face of the woman next to the window.  The story was carried in the Star Tribune the next day.   http://www.startribune.com/four-arrested-in-string-of-bb-gun-shootings-in-north-and-northeast-minneapolis/567744302/
We still want more people to take our brief survey.  It is completely anonymous; we’ll never know who you are.  You can find it here:  https//tinyurl.com/qrlypcu

In March, MPB-PD Chief Jason Ohotto is bringing us an overview and an update.  Chief Ohotto last spoke to us in 2016 when we had a different Mayor, a different Chief of Police, a different Sheriff, and a different Transit Police Chief. 


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