January report, part 2

Our speakers this month were Cathy Perendy and Jeff Starr, the 2nd Precinct Co-Responders Team.
COURTWATCH-  Nnamdi Okoronkwo, Minneapolis Attorney’s Office brought the updates. 

–Samuel Haase had an arraignment on 1-16 for 11-21 trespassing and a pretrial on 1-21 for 4/9 and 4/10 trespassing. 
–Daniel Heacock had a hearing on 1-14, Atty Okoronkwo expects he will be re-committed.
–Spencer Hermes was to be on supervised probation until 5/23/22, but has just been charged with civil trespass at the Uof MN–Cody Horton will be on supervised probation until 12/19/20 after misdemeanor tamper with motor vehicle. 
–Joshua Poplawski was released from the workhouse on 10/30/19 and cited for trespass on 11/7/19 and 12/14/19. Attorney has filed an “Intent to prosecute”; there will be a hearing on Feb 4
            in Mental Health Court. 
–Kirk Robledo has a 2/14/20 pretrial for trespass and for theft (from Target Express).  Ramsey and Washington Counties also have charges against him.–Miles Shaw is being held by the Dept of Corrections, with a release date of 4/20.–Michael Zaccardi had a 1/17/20 hearing about a trespass charge on 10/05/19.
–Johnny Hall has now achieved administrative probation status (meeting conditions)
–Paula Heille is in outpatient treatment.–James Zaccardi is doing well with his mental Health Court agreements; review hearing on 2/4/20.
Five names were proposed to  add to the watch listRichard Breen, 2 new trespass chargesTaner Dewitt, 1 shoplifting and 1 auto theft
Kelli Durrow, 5 trespass charges at the U of MChristian Klockeman, 4 trespass chargesLeslie Wade, 2 trespass charges

PRECINCT REPORT –  Inspector Loining:  Congratulations on the 2nd Precinct Holiday Dinner.  Generosity, sharing, giving and sharing, community building, we had it all.
In 2020, we will emphasize taking care of each other, sharing the road and the streets.  Traffic needs slowing now.  We’re going to be focusing on bike theft especially around the U of MN which has a large percent of thefts from students (not by students).    MPD and UMPD will be working to gain community support and trust. 

Question about Marcy-Holmes shooting:  Answer:  the team gathered all information possible, and there is nothing that can be shared yet. 

From the 2-PAC Board – PAC is looking for attenders from each neighborhood in the Second Precinct.  Cody Hoerning prepared a quickquiz for people to let the board know who is really out there, how many of them know about 2-PAC, and what  safety and security topics they are curious about.  The quiz is absolutely anonymous.   Be a beta-tester and take the quiz at  Tiny URL  https://tinyurl.com/qrlypcu

On February 10, our speaker will be Judge Lisa Jenzen who will explain what she and her colleagues expect from the Specialty Courts, like Mental Health Court that seem to be making a healthy difference to some of the people listed on Courtwatch.  Join us at 1900 Central Ave NE, in the Monroe Village Apartments Community Room.  The doors open at 6PM, call to order at 6:15.


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