October 2-PAC report, part 2

Our speaker this month was Jason Matlock, Director of Operational and Security Services for Minneapolis Public Schools.  You’ll find the report on his presentation in Part 1 of this report.
COURTWATCH:  Sandra Filardo, Hennepin County Attorney’s Office reporting with input from Holly Ihrke, Parole Officer
–Samuel Haase is a person who is known to have mental health issues; he was held at HCMC on a disorderly conduct complaint, received an amended sentence and was released to treatment in July; he has a hearing in Restorative Court on 11/6 but a pretrial meeting on the same day for another charge.
–Daniel Heacock was found incompetent on 5/23, had a new hearing on 7/19 and was recommitted; he has a hearing on 1/14/20. 
–Paula Heille cleared her Bench warrant on 10/1 and has a probation violation hearing on 11/18; she is out on conditional release.–Kirk Robledo is in custody in Ramsey County Jail and has pled to 5th degree drug possession and 3rd degree Burglary on 9/25–Miles Shaw is in custody in Ramsey County Jail and has a11/6 arraignment; he has 2 outstanding bench warrants.

No updates:  Johnny Bernard Hall; Spencer Hermes; Cody Horton is doing well in Mental Health Court and has a review hearing on 10/24;  Joshua Poplawski is in the workhouse to 10/30 and will be furloughed to housing when that is available but remains on probation  until 5/15/21;   James Zaccardi has no updates, so apparently is doing well in treatment;   review hearing on 10/15;  Michael Zaccardi has no updates.
Removed from the monthly watch: Jonell Butler, who is in custody  of the DOC, expected release 10/29/29 with parole conditions until 5/8/35.  He was charged with 2 1st Degree Agg. Robbery and 1 1st  Degree assault and was convicted on all three charges.
PRECINCT REPORT:  Lt. Nelson  reminded us that the Recruit Draft has been held and 5 recruits are coming to the 2nd Precinct.  We may be seeing some shifts in personnel: in addition to the incoming recruits,  the MPD is having a shift bid which is seniority-based.
Sgt. Carter successfully served two warrants this month.  One resulted in the recovery of $9000 and drugs including oxicontin and meth at an address on 20th Ave NE.  A second warrant at 2112 Como Ave SE recovered more meth. 
The leading crime in the Second Precinct remains theft from motor vehicles, especially theft of electronics.  If you want to keep your electronics, take them with you. 

We’ve also seen a rise in burglaries, which happens every fall,  as people, especially students, move into the neighborhood — people don’t think about securing their gear or their apartments, and don’t know who their neighbors actually are. 
Finally there has been an uptick in domestic assault. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: In November, Linnea Tweed from Eastside Neighborhood Services will our speaker:  I’ve asked her to present information about  low cost services that can help neighbors successfully “age in place”.  This will be information that officers, neighbors, friends and family can use to keep East Side residents home and healthy.

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE:  Our November meeting will be on November 12, that is Tuesday!  not Monday.  In December, we’ll return to the 2nd Monday of the month, our regular day to meet.
We remain at 1900 Central Ave NE, the Monroe Village Apartments Community Room.  Doors open at 6PM.


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