Sept 2-PAC, part 2: Mental Health Court; Moped, Bike and personal property theft.

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 by Emilie Quast.  19 attenders
2-PAC has a new parole officer!  Welcome Holly Ihrke, Case Management Assistant  from the Hennepin Country Parole Office.
Our speaker was Sgt. Jose Gomez from the Minneapolis Police Dept. Community Engagement Team.  Report of his speech is Part 1 of this monthly report. 

COURTWATCH:  Sandra Filardo, Hennepin County Attorney’s Office gave our updates.
New additions to Courtwatch:  Kirk Robledo, is in custody in Ramsey County Jail; latest two offenses were in July of this year on or near U of MN campus; bench warrant issued for failure to appear in August; several hearings scheduled in Sept. — from there he will be shuttled to Hennepin County.   Miles Shaw is also in custody in Ramsey County Jail; 3 incidents on or near U of MN campus and has a bench warrant for failure to appear in August. 

UPDATES: Jonell Butler was found guilty and remains in custody, expected release 10/29/29, followed by probation until 5/8/35.  Daniel Heacock was re-committed on 7/19/19 and has a new hearing on 1/14/20.  Paula Heille failed to appear and has an active bench warrant. Cody Horton  was scheduled for a Mental Health hearing in mid-September, after our meeting; he is in treatment. 

NO UPDATES:  Samuel Haase was released to treatment on 7/3 and will remain on probation until 4/4/22.  Johnny Hall was discharged from probation 4/4/19. Spencer Hermes remains on probation until 5/23/22.  Joshua Poplawski is in the workhouse until 10/30/19.  James Zaccardi will remain on probation until 5/24/18 and appears to be doing well getting the help he needs through Mental Health Court.  Michael Zaccardi will remain on probation until 4/5/22, and is doing well.

Remove:  Jonell Butler.

Atty Filardo explained how referrals to Mental Health Court works.  If family or others are concern that someone is going to hurt himself or someone else and contacts the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, that will start the process.  This might be officers taking someone having a psychotic episode to the hospital or it might be a family member/friend/neighbor expressing concern.  The person may already have a conservator.  If a person shows up at a hospital, and the staff request an evaluation, that will start the same process.  It is a difficult issue but the office is seeing it more and more because more people understand the importance of getting family members the help they need and deserve.  We don’t just write the person off; we want them to become healthy people.  If people want to learn more, contact her and she will send the information to the person in the office who specializes in this work.  Civil commitments:  we can have a program on that if people want to learn more.

Emilie Quast explained a new procedure for adding people to the Courtwatch list.  Unless something changes, Elizabeth Clark from the City Attorney’s Office will comb the monthly arrest list looking for candidates who meet our profiles.  Elizabeth and Emilie will add the people we agree should be followed.  Others are welcome to join us (email communication) and comments are wanted from others.  Attenders voted by voice to continue this procedure until further notice. 
NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT:   Emilie Quast reported that the Latin Kings (gang) had tagged two alleys and put one tag on Tuttle School building.  CPS Juarez confirmed that it was the Latin Kings and that MPS removed the tag on the building while the city and homeowners took care of the other tags.  These tags appeared on the same night that saw an uptick in crime.  MPD increased patrols n the area and there has been no further activity.   The principal of the school (and others) are watching to see if the taggers appear to contact any of the kids in the school.  Additionally, the n’hood organization, SECIA, is looking for grants to support increased lighting and (perhaps) security camera subsidiestie

PRECINCT REPORT:  Sgt. Nelson reported that the Second Precinct is experiencing the annual rise in crime when students return to campus:  bikes stolen, mopeds stolen, theft from motor vehicles and burglaries of dwelling.  Cars, apartments, bikes and mopeds are often left unlocked.  Marcy Holmes saw a brief rise in assaults, which seems to have abated by this report.   

The MPD draft on September 17 will include 29 officers; it’s expected the 2nd Precinct will get 5 of them. 

Emilie Quast, Board MemberMPD Second Precinct PACMineapolis MN 55418


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