January 14 meeting notes

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 by Emilie Quast;  19 people attending.
FIRST EVENT:   the Precinct staff brought in fresh, hot sambusas staring the year off with a treat.  Thank you very much!
AGENDA:  The 12-24 buffet report.  Our in-person attendance is inching toward  200 people, but we receive enough food for well over 250.  Last year’s  trial delivery service to staff and police who are not able to leave their stations during their shifts went well.  The 1st Precinct especially needs this service for the 911 staff which works in the same building.  Jesse Vega and Roger Kiemele made 3 delivery runs during their shift, letting people on duty at the 1st, 3rd and 4th Precincts know they are not forgotten.  When  the 12-25 team came in to do a final wipe down of the kitchen and dining area, they found a few cold salads and some cookies and pastries.  Those were gone by the 26th.  So:  our donors were very generous and the food was enjoyed!  Thank you all for giving time and talent so generously!  A printed Thank You appeared in the Northeaster, January 9.
A last minute change left us with no scheduled speaker, but since we have not had an organized request for topics in several years, that activity took our speaker’s intended slot.  If others would like to add their voices, the questions were:  What police issues would you like to report on your block?  In your neighborhood?  In the Second Precinct?  In the city?  What livability issues would you like to report on your block?  In your neighborhood?  In the Second Precinct?  In the city?
Don’t know what to say?  Here’s some inspiration:  traffic issues,  violent crime reports need closure, suspected drug traffic or use, burglary, theft from autos.  If you are concerned about a topic, be sure to indicate the area where you’ve spotted activity.  You don’t need a specific address, but naming (for example) “10th and University SE”  is very helpful.
COURTWATCH:  This was the first Courtwatch with our new attorneys, Sandra Filardo from the Hennepin Country Attorney’s Office and Kerri Kovalesky from the Minneapolis Attorney’s Office.
Ronald Bailey was acquitted on 12/10 of 2nd degree murder due to mental illness and was civilly committed; a judge will determine in mid-February what will happen next based on his evaluations during his commitment.  Natalie Box is in custody waiting for jury trial on 4/29 for two 1st degree Agg. Robberies and 1st degree assault in 10/18; at the same trial, she will also be facing a charge of  3rd degree arson in 2017, in the 5th Pct.  Jonell Butler was Natalie Box’s partner in the robberies and the assault; he had a 1/14 trial scheduled but asked for a continuance to May.  Butler had a 9-18 1st degree assault in the 4th scheduled with his 1-14 trial date.   Samuel Haase was charged with 4 crimes, all in Marcy Holmes: Possession of burglary tools, two damage to property charges, 5th degree assault; he was convicted on 9/17/18 and given 365 days (355 days stayed two years) and probation to 9-17-19, but stole a bike  a month after his conviction and failed to appear; a bench warrant was issued on 1-10-19.   Daniel Heacock was found incompetent at his November hearing (rule 2001 requires the defendant be able to identify why he is in court , among other things); the case will  be reviewed in May, 2019 (he is not in custody because he is not considered a danger to himself or others).  Cody Horton was convicted on 11-19-18 of reckless discharge of a firearm in the city; he got a stay of imposition and will be on probation until 11-19-21; Horton is now under the supervision of the Mental Health Specialty Courts Probation Office which requires much  closer supervision (and the success rate is very good).   Joshua Poplawski was in custody  waiting for his 1/15 Review Hearing on two trespass citations in the University area (one while carrying drug paraphanalia), and a 4th degree Burglary in the 3rd precinct.  James Zaccardi pled guilty on 1/9  for 5th degree drug possession in St. Anthony and was scheduled to have a hearing in Mental Health Specialty Court on 1/15.  Michael Zaccardi  has a jury trial scheduled on 2/11/19 for 3rd degree assault.
Maxim Chance is meeting his probation requirements; probation runs to 4/18/19. Johnny Hall is meeting his probation instruction; probation runs to 9-17-20.   Paula Heille is successfully working through her probation requirements for her 5th degree drug case and will remain on probation through 7/12/21.  Mahad Ismail  remains on probation to 7/29/19.  Robert Schroeder remains on probation to 3/20/19.
Brian Holmes completed his probation on 11/16/18.  Curtis Laroque completed probation on 11/04/18.  Both Holmes and Laroque were removed from the Courtwatch list.
One person was proposed to be added to the list, but info about his charges didn’t make it to me to be included here.  We’ll hear more in February.
PRECINCT REPORT: Lt. Christie Nelson reported:
First report was of an Assault-4, which is against a police officer.  The man was arrested with no force issues but in transport, he began to spit all over the partition of the car.  This was the second assault this person committed in 6 months — the case was just reported and had not been assigned at the time of this meeting.
Two incidents in the 2nd Precinct were assigned to the 1st for investigation.  One was an armed robbery (suspect escaped and was not found by K-9).  The other was an assault 3 that happened at a party, and the victim knows the person who did the assault.
Weapons search in SE at Glendale Housing complex turned up guns and narcotics.
Burglaries of dwellings and businesses:  NE Buchanan: a garage door was pried open and  the car was riffled.  Another burglary on 12th NE: no sign of forced entry but this dwelling had a surveillance device and that was inventoried for possible evidence.  Burglary of garage on Monroe, vehicles inside were broken into.
In the SE sector, the new grocery and tobacco shop at 15th and Como the owner arrived and found employees had left the door unlocked, some things missing. The crime lab did find some prints so that is assigned for investigation.   Burglary on 23rd SE; the door is usually locked but the owner found it unlocked, with no signs of forcing–some coins were missing from a glass jar.   9xx 19th Ave SE reported an attempted entry but no one got in.     3xx – 18th Ave SE, a resident saw the suspect and asked him to leave, and then noticed a play station was missing.
The Second Pct expects there will be an uptick in burglary reports this month because students were out for winter break.  The Precinct did add extra patrols in SE Como and Marcy -Holmes for that reason.
3 auto thefts 2 in NE and 1 in SE / one recovered.
CPS Juarez outlined an update on the drug house on Madison St. NE.  A search warrant  uncovered some illegal drugs and one person was charged with 5th degree drug possession.  The Henn. Cty complaint has been signed.  Suspicious traffic has decreased but there still is some of that; squads are still watching the site and officers are supposed to take action if they see activity.
Officer Nelson responded to a question about unusual helicopter activity over NE Minneapolis.  There had been an assault and the suspect fled in a car — the helicopter was looking for the car.  As it turned out, two incidents happened at the same time and both suspects fled in separate cars.  One suspect was picked up by Ramsey County and the other was stopped near Clearwater, MN (near St. Cloud)  The helicopter stayed aloft, searching until officers on the ground sorted out the two incidents and learned that both suspects were now in different jurisdictions.

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