Sept. 2-PAC meeting report: NuWay

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 by chair, Larry Ranallo.  25 attenders.

Since 1966, NUWAY, a nonprofit organization, has provided community based extended-care for people in recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.    3Rs NUWAY Counseling Center is now open at 1404 Central Ave NE. (Recognition, Rehabilitation, Recovery = 3Rs.)  NUWAY has two other outpatient facilities: one in South Minneapolis and one in St. Paul.  Additionally, there are two residential treatment centers located in South Minneapolis.

Our presenters were Monique Bourgeois (Chief Community Relations Officer), Jason Cintorino (3R’s Program Director), and Jake Lewis (Community Relations Manager)

To receive treatment from NUWAY, a person must have a substance use disorder.  Many clients also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, but that is not required for admission to the program.

NUWAY offers two treatment models: Outpatient and Inpatient.   Both models draw on clinical care and community resources to support clients’ path to good health.

The OUTPATIENT MODEL is called R.I.S.E. (Recovery in Supportive Environments)

NUWAY works with over 65 providers of stable, supportive recovery residences throughout the Twin Cities. Unlike the 28-day treatment model available elsewhere, NUWAY clients stay in the program as long as they need it; the average treatment length is 83 days in NUWAY’s outpatient programs. A client’s program is individualized–there is no single prescriptive model.  In addition to offering access to supportive housing in the community, a client in this program receives:

  • Twenty hours of licensed co-occurring treatment per week including group and individual sessions
  • One meal during each day of service
  • Transportation assistance
  • No-cost drug testing
  • Peer support
  • Care coordination
  • Family support
  • Recovery management skills
  • Evidence based modalities

The program tries to offer what’s needed, including help finding a job, arts therapies, whatever seems appropriate.

The RESIDENTIAL MODEL.  NUWAY was the first organization in the U.S. to offer the Co-Occurring Disorders program, which was created in a jointly by Dartmouth Medical School and the Hazelden Foundation.   This program offers an extended care program in a medium-intensity residential environment for men and transgender individuals. Like the Outpatient model, a client’s length of stay depends on his or her clinical needs.  Features of this program include:

  • Group and individual counseling
  • Individualized length of stay
  • Recovery management skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Connection to community resources for additional needs
  • On-site nursing.

Throughout its five programs, NUWAY is working with 750 clients every day.  The clinic on Central Ave NE meets with some 200 people a day.

The major difference between NUWAY and other models is that NUWAY treats addiction disorders and addition-related disorders as modern medicine treats other chronic disorders.  It’s recognized that people’s bodies are different and respond to treatment differently. The treatment of diabetes or heart disease is likely to start with a baseline approach. Health care professionals expect that the initial treatment plan will be modified as the patient’s body adjusts to medication, ages, finds a treatment plateau, but perhaps succumbs to new stressors.  The NUWAY treatment plan follows these expectations.  NUWAY keeps trying new modes and adjusting treatments until they find something that clicks.

Clients are referred to NUWAY from various entities including hospital and social services, and notices like this report.

For more detailed information about this program, including contact information, go to

Individuals attending NUWAY are funded through public services money and health insurance.  NuWay is in-network with health care providers including Medica, HealthPartners, UCare, Preferred One, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Signa, Optum, and Hennepin Health.

PRECINCT REPORT: Inspector Todd Loining

University and college students have started their first semester.  Predictably crime is on an uptick including burglary of residence, theft from motor vehicle (please clean out your car and lock it), theft of cars, bikes, mopeds.  This year, so far, there has not been much of an increase in robbery.

In coordination with the UMPD, the Second Precinct is doing saturation details every Friday and Saturday, in SE.  MTPD is presenting a strong presence in Stadium Village and along the Greenline.  Portable cameras are deployed in hotspots.

The Second Precinct is attending community meetings, door-knocking and distributing flyers.   We’re holding tent events to say welcome, pass out trail mix, coffee and crime prevention tip sheets.

Successes:  5 burglars arrested, 6 other people arrested in a stolen vehicle, 2 stolen vehicles were recovered, one person was arrested for carrying burglary tools while attempting to steal a bike.

COURTWATCH:  Judi Cole (H.C.Atty.) and Sarah Becker (Mpls.Atty.) reporting:

Updates:  Ronald Bailey, had a 9-13 hearing and is waiting for his 11-26 trial for 2nd degree murder.  Johnny Hall has a 9-17 jury trial for 5th degree drug possession.  Daniel Heacock is waiting for his next 6-month evaluation on 11-13 but was committed on 5-18-18.  Cody Horton pled guilty for reckless discharge of a firearm (into a neighbor’s house) and was sentenced on 8-27; he’s waiting for a 9-24 motion hearing on a 1st degree burglary of dwelling.  Dwayne Miles is waiting for a jury trial on 10-01.  Joshua Poplawski is in HOMES court; may move to 24-hour care.  Robert Schroeder’s case was continued to 10-30 (no reason known).  Alfonso Seals remains in custody in Ramsey County Jail; he also has cases pending in Hennepin and Dakota Counties.  James Zaccardi has a 9-26 omnibus hearing on 5th degree drug possession.  Michael Zaccardi is in custody until 11-22; on 9-17 he’ll have an omnibus hearing on 3rd degree assault.

No updates:  Maxim Chance.  Paula Heille was convicted on 7-12 and will be on probation for 3 years.  Bryan Holmes remains on probation until 11-16.  Mahad Ismail, no update.    Curtis Laroque remains on probation through 11-04.

Samuel Haase was added to the Courtwatch list.

REPORTS FROM NEIGHBORS.  We had several brief reports and one extensive report from neighbors about concerning events in the Precinct.  EQ:  I’m not clear on how much to reveal about these reports, but will organize some guidelines for public reporting in coming weeks.

COMING IN OCTOBER:  911 calls and emergency response.  Our speaker will outline what happens when we call, and explain how the system works.


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