2-PAC January meeting: Street safety and SuperBowl

It’s 2018  and we’re starting the new year welcoming our new Crime Prevention Specialist, Rashid Ali, who will be covering the Second Precinct north of Broadway.  I hope plenty of folks from that sector will join us to welcome him and give him a few friendly faces to look for as he introduces himself in the neighborhoods.

CPS Nick Juarez offered to do a presentation on street safety, which is a good topic to have  fresh in mind as Minneapolis hosts the SuperBowl at the end of the month.

Coincidentally, neighbors in Windom and Audubon Park spotted suspicious people early to mid December;  watching for that is a different kind of street awareness.  If we all know what to report and when to report it, we can generate a record that will give officers something to look for and where and when to look for it.

Finally, if there is time we will hear just a little about SuperBowl preparations in the Second Precinct. This looks like it will be a joint report among Inspector Loining, CPS Juarez, and perhaps another professional.  In any case, it is a timely, complex  topic for us.

Join us on Monday, January 8, at 1900 Central Avenue NE, directly across from the Second Precinct.  We gather at 6 pm with a call to order about 6:10.  It’s warm in there and there is always free parking nearby on Central  and the cross streets.



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