April 2-PAC: Dogs, cats, and people, too

(maybe something about squirrels and turkeys also)

What do you think of when you hear “Dog Pound”?  Pretty sad story, right?

Consider “animal rescue”,  “rehoming”, “fostering”,  “help with domestic violence”?  Those are just some of the services the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control offer the residents of Minneapolis.  Officer John Kilner will be talking to us about these and other services AC&C provides to Minneapolis.

Join us for the April MPD 2-PAC.  We’ll meet at Monroe Village Apartments community room, call to order shortly after 6PM.  The address is 1900 Central Ave NE, across from the  Second Precinct.

Bring your questions about animal control in your neighborhood, but also be prepared to hear about the caring, compassionate services this unit provides for people and animals in the city, in good times and when families face crisis.

Following Officer Kilner’s chat, we’ll get a report on the State of the Precinct:  crime rates and trends.

Courtwatch reports from our Hennepin County and City attorneys follow.

EVENT ALERT:  May  15  (4:00 to 7:00PM)  is Open House at the Precinct.  Some of the units coming are K-9s and their people, 6 free kid’s bikes, the Mounted Patrol, Emergency Communications Center, SWAT team and their awesome gear, grilled burgers and hot dogs, honey cakes, and a lot more.  Popcorn, too from P&P!  If it rains, they’ve got awnings


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