Feb. PAC: Cold Cases: Detective Work in the MPD

The Minneapolis Police Cold Cases unit is not  new, but it had not had the money it needed for several years until Sgts. Jane Moore and Chris Karakostas relaunched it in 2015.  Sgt. Moore investigated departments around the country and created a “best practices” research strategy that keeps investigations rotating.  Sgt. Karakostas had pursued a case he began as a beat cop, working it through to indictment.  After that, the FBI gave the MPD funding to keep him on  cold case work. The unit is now a joint effort of the MPD, the Hennepin County attorney’s office, and the FBI.

To learn more about MPD Cold Cases, how determination and science can solve decades old crimes, join us on Monday, February 13, at 6 PM for the monthly 2-PAC.  Sgt. Karakostas will explain why he does what he does and how he makes it work.  We’ll also have an update on the State of the Precinct, new Courtwatch cases to consider, and more.

We meet at Monroe Village Apartments Community Room, 1900 Central Ave NE.  There is plenty of free parking on Central and on cross streets.  This information meeting is always free, and we want to see more new faces.

Emilie Quast, member

MPD 2-PAC Board


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