July 11 2-PAC update

You may have read in the S’Trib that Inspector Waite will move to the 5th Precinct, in an exchange with Inspector Todd Loining, currently at the 5th.  The official transfer day is July 24.

July PAC will be our last with Inspector Waite.  It will be a time to say Thank You and Good-bye.

In addition, Inspector Loining is planning on attending, so the July PAC will also be a time to say Welcome!  Thank you for crossing the river, Inspector Loining!

On Monday July 11, join us at Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Avenue NE.  We meet at   6PM,   but feel free to show up when you can.  There is always plenty of free parking on Central Avenue and on the cross streets.  19th and Central is a bus stop, for routes 10 & 39; routes 32 and 118 stop nearby at Lowry and Central.

MPD Second Precinct PAC meetings are always free.  You are welcome and invited to come.


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