June 2PAC: Safety and Planning in our Parks

It’s official:  our MPRB has created the top ranked city park system in the country.  They’ve gathered a lot of other awards along the way.  Two cornerstones of an excellent park system are planning for the safety of the people who visit those parks, and planning of programs that bring them there.

The MPRB Police Dept. has been keeping us safe in the parks since 1887 — 129 years!
The Department has two broad divisions: over 30  Police Officers licensed by the state,  and over 20 trained part-time Patrol Agents.  They are led by Commander Jason Ohotto, who will be one of our presenters at the June PAC meeting.

You can read more about the structure and duty division of the  department on their home page: https://www.minneapolisparks.org/park_care__improvements/park_police__safety/

What are the separate duties of the Officers and the Agents?  How do they coordinate among themselves; when and how do they coordinate with the MPD, the UMPD or the Sheriff’s office?  What, exactly, are “park rules”?  Where can I find this information?  What do the parks expect from the public?

Joining Chief Ohotto is Paul Jaeger, who will let us know how the programs people work with the Park Police and Agents, and what he has ready for us this summer.

If you have questions or  concerns about safety or programming in our parks, or if you  just want to say Thank You, join us at the June 2PAC.  As usual we will meet on the second Monday, June 13, at 6PM in the Monroe Village Community Room,  1900 Central Ave NE.  There is always plenty of free parking on Central Avenue and on nearby cross streets.  The bus stops at the corner of 19th and Central.

Following the presentation from the MPRB, we’ll get a state of the precinct report from Lt. Skoro.  City attorney Sarah Becker will give us Courtwatch updates.

This meeting is always open to the public.  We want to see you there!

June 13, 6PM, 1900 Central Ave NE for 2PAC


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