April 2-PAC: Stop sex trafficking in Mpls.

Please join us on April 11 at 6PM for the monthly information meeting of 2-PAC, the MPD Second Precinct PAC.  We meet in the Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Ave. NE, directly across from the Second Precinct.  There is always plenty of free parking on Central and on adjacent streets.

Our speaker on April 11 is Sergeant Grant Snyder of the MPD Criminal Investigation Division.  Sgt. Snyder has 16 years’ experience in the human trafficking and sex trafficking unit of the MPD, and is the lead investigator for the division.  He focuses on juvenile sexual exploitation.

The MPD has a broad approach for working with juvenile sex trafficking cases.  “Cross-Disciplinary Case Management” involves representatives working across jurisdictions, drawing help and insight from professional staff in Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Specialized Advocates, Social Workers, Child Protection, Probation, the public schools, and more.  The purpose is to find the best framework to meet an individual victim’s needs, and simultaneously to work on every level to protect the public safety, and to investigate and prosecute human traffickers.

Sgt. Snyder’s pivotal role was illuminated in “Saving Bobbi”, the serial report in the Star Tribune:


His focus was also discussed in the KARE-11 story (check the last section):


As is true with all law enforcement issues, the first line of action is the public, neighbors, people who see “something” that just doesn’t look right. Sgt. Snyder will point up some signals and signs that we all should know.

If you suspect trafficking, the first to places to call are your local or state law enforcement agency.  You might also call the local FBI office at 763-569-8000 or e-mail Minneapolis@ic.fbi.gov.

We hope you’ll attend this very important presentation, which is free and open to the public.  If you have a question of your own, there will be Q&A time following the presentation.

Emilie Quast

2-PAC Board member


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