March 2-PAC: Police on Horseback

Please join us for the March 2016 meeting of the MPD Second Precinct PAC on March 14 at 6 PM.  We meet at Monroe Village community room, 1900 Central Ave NE.  There is plenty of free parking on Central Avenue and on the cross streets nearby, and a bus stop right at the corner.  Everyone is invited and welcome.

This month we’ll be hearing from  Sgt. Molly Fischer of the MPD  Mounted Police

The Mounted Police Unit was created in 1996 with four riders and three horses.  It has grown by donation to 12 horses and 23 fully certified riders.

The horses are selected  for temperament and conformation.  They are trained for a variety of tasks, especially crowd management at planned and unplanned events including parades, sporting events, civil demonstrations, conventions and similar.  It’s been said that one mounted officer can do the work of 10 officers on foot.  The rider is literally 10 feet tall and everyone can see her.   Additionally, the officer can see what’s going on over the heads, over the vehicles and (sometimes)  over the fences much better than the officers on foot..  A horse can also move into alleys and other narrow places where a squad car won’t  fit.

Horses are exceptionally valuable on search and rescue missions.  The horse can carry large amounts of supplies and with his rider, can stay in the field much longer than officers on foot.  The rider again can see farther from the horse than can officers on foot.

Finally, there is the social factor.  These horses like people and most people like horses.  They’re huge, but approachable.
The Mounted Police Foundation has a home page that has a lot of information about this unit.  Check
There are some glorious photos on that page, too.  Note that they are soliciting donations at all times, including Minnesota’s Give to the Max  in November.

Following our guest speaker, we will get a report on the state of the Precinct from Inspector Waite.  We’ll then have our current Courtwatch with City Attorney Sarah Becker and our new County Attorney, Deborah Russell.

Please start thinking about the Second Precinct Open House, on the May 9,

Future PAC topics include sex trafficing in Minnesota (What does it look like and what can you do?) , our award winning City Parks department, traffic and traffic tickets, Minneapolis Regulatory Services, and more.

If  there is a question you have about services the city provides for your safety and well-being, and it’s not on the list, please bring it to PAC and let us know what you’ve interested in learning.


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