Active Shooter: Make your options

Active shooter situations can happen anywhere, and at any time.  Because they are so unpredictable, we all need training in what to do and how to do it if an event happens in your place of business, or  while you are shopping or attending church or school, on a perfectly ordinary day.

A member of the Minneapolis Police Dept Community Engagement Team will give us a very brief overview of what to keep in mind to save your own life and the lives of others.  “Run-Hide-Fight”  looks good on paper, but only thinking your way through this will give you the edge you may need to save your own life.  There are many reports that elementary school students in Chicago, Pennsylvania,  California, and other places are being trained how many ways they can fight back. It’s a long way from “Duck and Cover” or the 1950s

There are several pamphlets and brochures available on the Dept. of Homeland Security website:

The presenter will not be giving us a full training session at PAC.  Instead, this meeting is a chance for those who have never attended a training session to see what topics are covered.  We will have time to ask questions about the topic, and to find out how citizens, business owners, other group leaders can get more and fuller training for their business or social groups.

[Personal note: The University of MN Libraries offers this training annually, and individual departments may request another session if they’ve been doing a lot of hiring.  University Library buildings, like classrooms, stores, schools, churches, and other public places are all vulnerable.  Creating a plan with your employees or colleagues may be vital.]

Old Business:  Our First Responders’ Dinner left volunteers very tired and very satisfied.  Here’s a hint:  we had more people enjoying good food and company than ever.

Courtwatch:  Updates from our City and County Attorneys.

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