Sept. 2-PAC: Personal Safety is Up To You — Find Out How

Please join us for the MPD Second Precinct PAC, 6 PM, Sept. 14 for a special presentation on how you can better keep yourself, your home, and your car, safe and secure.

The Minneapolis Police Dept and the University of Minnesota Police Dept have been working for several years to develop a better coordinated, more comprehensive response to public safety issues.   Improved communication electronics has been a key factor in this, and now it’s going to get better.

The new UMPD Chief, Matt Clark served the MPD for 22 years, rising to second in command of that force.  His background includes time in several leadership posts, including  Emergency Services Commander, leadership at two precincts, and Academy  Supervisor.   We are very lucky to have a person leading the UMPD who has fresh overview  of how many ways the MPD and the UMPD can fit together to provide us with the best possible services.

Second Precinct Inspector Kathy Waite and Chief Clark know what tactics and services short and long term residents of the Second Precinct need to understand, but  are not using as often as they should.

Following their joint presentation, we’ll have plenty of time for you to ask about situations you wonder about.  Where do you get edgy walking home?  Wonder how to keep people out of your car? How do you made your place more secure?  Worried about car theft? This is the place to ask.

SECOND PRECINCT CRIME TRENDS: Inspector Waite will provide her monthly analysis of crime trends in the Second Precinct.

COURTWATCH: We will hear updates from the City and County Attorney’s Offices on the people we are following as they progress through the system.  Sarah Becker, the  City Attorney assigned to the Second Precinct will present her suggestions of people who could be added to our Courtwatch list.

CHANGE OF PLACE: This meeting will be at the University Lutheran Church of Hope, at 6 St. and 13th Ave SE, just  outside of Dinkytown.  We begin at 6 PM.  You’ll find ample parking on the 7th St. side.  Enter the Education and Office building door from the parking lot; signs will direct you to our meeting.

COMING SOON:  Social Resources in the Second Precinct:  We will hear from services that offer meals, food, fellowship, and more to people who need a helping hand and who live in our Precinct.  We want to create a directory of who offers what, and where they offer it.

Also:  We’re starting to think about the December 24 meal for First Responders.  For over 30 years, the Second Precinct has been the site of this special Thank You dinner.  If you want to help planning or prep this year, please send me a private email, at

Finally, this fall, our CPS Nick Juarez will be offering a special presentation on the best way to bring down crime, and the key is YOU.  Contact Nick to see where he will be presenting:


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