August PAC: SWAT!

Please join us for the MPD Second Precinct PAC,  August 10 at 6 PM  Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Avenue NE

In May we had a look at one of the special SWAT team vehicles which was at the 2nd Precinct Open House.  In June we met Nash, the K-9 assigned to the SWAT team.  A member of the  team was scheduled to speak in July but got a last minute call to work with the team so this month, August, we’ll learn about the rest of the team.

The Special Weapons And Tactics team  is the team of MPD assigned to handle high risk situations.  These are the people who work with the Dept. of Homeland Security, and who are expected to be on the front line of extreme situations, whatever may occur.

Our presenter is  Sgt. John Sheneman, who is is also a supervisor at the Second Precinct.  He plans on making a 15 minute presentation and will then show some of the equipment the SWAT team members use If there is something  you’ve been wondering about, you can ask Sgt. Sheneman directly or send me your questions and I’ll see he gets them.

You can read more about the team at  the city website:

Following Sgt. Sheneman’s presentation, we will have our monthly report on trends and events in the Precinct, followed by Courtwatch.


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