2PAC July Meeting Minutes, 7-13-15

START:                             Moose pizza & wings at 6PM  (Thank you, Larry)

CALL TO ORDER:                     6:15 pm

INTRODUCTIONS:            16 in attendance

MINUTES                           Minutes approved


SWAT  – Our scheduled speaker, Sgt John Sheneman, was called to an emergency on Monday and had to postpone.  He will be our presenter in August.


Home burglaries: Again, we are reminded to lock doors and windows including garage doors, even if you are out in the yard.  Some of the burglaries have happened while home owners are in the yard, and a few have happened after the residents have gone to bed for the night but left a window or a door unlocked.

Be aware that you CAN lock windows open.  There are sash locks available at all hardware and big box stores that permit you to lock a window so that it’s open enough to let the fresh air in but closed enough to keep burglars out.  Sash locks for sliding or double hung windows run about $2 per window and some home DIYs work just as well.

Some of the home burglaries have been through window screens, which are only strong enough to keep mosquitoes out.  Again, the sash locks work because if someone wants to get in, they don’t want to make a lot of noise breaking the glass.  Many burglars know it’s  a lot safer for them to find a house they can just walk in and take what they want than it is to break their way in.

Waite Park continues to have more than its share of garage burglaries.  Many are unforced access, also.

The area of NE University at Lowry has seen a rash of robberies on the street, especially in the Hispanic  area.  Many are after dark but they are actually any time.  Officers are concerned that some people, especially recent immigrants,  might be afraid to call the police because of experience with police in the counties they have left; they don’t see police as on their side.  The precinct needs those calls so they know where to increase patrols.  If you see something, say something, preferably on the phone to 911.

Street racing has also started up again.  The Precinct has set up mobile cameras to capture evidence.

National Night Out is coming fast — August 4 (first Tuesday).  If you want an MPD  Second Precinct  squad to stop, contact  Nick Juarez (nicholas.juarez@minneapolismn.gov), or Susan Webb (susan.webb@minneapolismn.gov).  For a UMPD stop on NNO, contact Sgt. Jim Nystrom 612.290.3787 or nystr017@umn.edu     The Hennepin County Attorney’s office is doing outreach also.  See the form at please fill out the request form at www.hennepinattorney.org/NNO

The new City Attorney assigned to the Second Precinct is Sarah Becker.  She has experience  in both city and county attorney offices. She can be reached at  sarah.becker@minneapolismn.gov

No names were removed from the watch list.  Bianka Kiersten Truman’s trial date is Sept 21 and the prosecuting attorney says impact statements might help.  Ms Truman is charged with indecent exposure and loiter with intent at 7xx Fillmore St in Beltrami.
One name was added:  Michael D-Mar Weston-Rose was apprehended for indecent exposure on the Green Line light rail (CNN 15-022652).  He has two open cases, one trespass case in the 1st precinct and a theft in Bloomington.  He has been active in the 2nd precinct with 5 arrests in the last 12 months (warrant, shoplifting, trespass (2), and this indecent exposure).  He’s had 18 arrests in the city since 2014.  His PT is on Sept. 4.

Since we had time to think about it, people offered ideas about new topics to present at PAC.  One new suggestion is an explanation of traffic stops, which is presented at the MPD Citizens’ Academy (which I attended).   Other suggestions: Active shooters in public places, FBI presentation on ISIL/ISIS/Al-Shabaab recruiters, Food shelves and other social services on the Eastside (with the hope of generating a list or directory),  Job Corps, CERT training.

Also, we need more ways to let people know that we are meeting and where.  Suggestions included 4 x 6″ cards to post at coffee shops, distributing our 3-fold pamphlet more widely, car stickers, and a sidewalk temporary meeting sign to put out in front of Monroe Village on PAC night.  Is there a designer or a printer who could  help?

SECOND PRECINCT LITTLE FREE LIBRARY:  is installed and open for business.  Donations are wanted.  Officer Mota said that children’s books are really going fast but donations in every genre are wanted.  Drop your donations off at the desk, please.

NEXT 2PAC MEETING:  August 1 at 6PM, when we hope to hear Sgt John Sheneman’s talk about SWAT.

ADJOURN:  7:26pm


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