2nd Precinct Advisory Council Meeting – March 9th, 6 PM – 1900 Central Ave NE (Monroe Village Apts.)

Join us for our monthly 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meeting at 6pm, on March 9, at Monroe Village Apartments community room (1900 Central NE)

The Minneapolis Police Department has recently expanded the “Community Chaplains” service into the Precincts.  The department is staffed by a group of dedicated professionals, trained in counseling, whose goal is to assist residents and MPD staff in all walks of life.

Chaplains assigned to the Second Precinct are:  Leader,  Bruce Pinke (ELIM),  Minister Brett Miller (Southeast Christian Church), Rev. Margaret Pliess-Sippola, (Gustavus Adolphus)

An extract from the MPD Chaplain Corps Vision Statement:

“…The vision of the Minneapolis Police Chaplaincy Corps is to seek innovative ways to enhance this relationship [between the residents of Minneapolis and the MPD], maximize resources and identify problems and concerns in the community.

“…[The] Police Chaplain Corps … is a multi-ethnic, religiously pluralistic service organization.”

The Chaplains will provide comfort and practical advice to civilians and to Officers who are facing crisis events.  They are bound by professional privilege, restricted from ecumenism, and dedicated to maintaining their professional responsibility.

Two of the chaplains assigned to the Second Precinct are scheduled to present  at this meeting, and to answer any questions you might have about their department, their roles, their understanding of our part of Minneapolis.

Please join us in welcoming them to our Precinct.

There is a KARE-11 background story from September, 2014 at


The official Vision Statement and other documents  fro this department are located at


Check the index on the left side of your screen for more information

After the chaplains’  presentation, we will hear a report on current crime trends in our precinct and how residents can help our officers to keep our crime numbers low.

Courtwatch is scheduled to begin at 7 PM

COMING EVENTS:  APRIL: It’s time to plan fun and safe summer activities for the kids and for you, too!  Andrew Pimental, who leads recreation for Eastside Parks will be there to outline the programs and opportunities available for you and your family.  Lt. Calvin Noble of the Parks Police Department  will be there to answer your questions about safety in the parks.  Our award winning park system offers activities for all of us in a safe environment.   Find out more!

MAY:  Second Precinct Open House!  Real robots, horses, activities, burgers on the grill, and more.  Don’t miss the fun!


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