2nd Precinct Advisory Council Meeting – January 13th, Southeast Minneapolis

Join us for our monthly 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meeting at 6pm, on Monday January 13th, in Southeast Minneapolis, at SE Christian Church 960 15th Ave SE. 

This will be another special Southeast Minneapolis focused meeting.

Speaker – Kendre Turoni, University of Minnesota Community Relations

Kendre is the Coordinator of the Student and Community Relations and Neighborhood Liaison program at the University of MN.  Kendre will discuss how the University works to promote active participation by students in the neighborhoods around the University, particularly in Marcy-Holmes, Prospect Park and Southeast Como neighborhoods. 

Here is a Minnesota Daily article that describes the neighborhood relations team’s efforts.   http://www.mndaily.com/2012/06/26/liasons-attempt-increase-resident-involvement

This is a link to the Community Relations blog with snippets of news for students who live in the neighborhoods around the university.  http://umnscr.blogspot.com/

Court Watch

Court watch will be the 2nd part of our meeting. 

Minneapolis Police Department Crime Prevention – FREE Personal Safety Workshop

2nd Precinct is coordinating a Self Defense workshop with Mary Brandl, a 4th degree black belt with Midwest Karate Association and Self Defense PE instructor at the University of MN.  The location will be Pratt School, January 28th, 6pm to 8:30pm. 

 Attendees will learn to recognize a possible attack in the making, and how you can you use distance, body language, and tone of voice to avert a potential attack. Simple “last-ditch” physical self-defense techniques will also be presented, practical even for people who have little physical skill or ability.   Please RSVP by calling 612-673-2874 or emailing Susan.Webb@minneapolismn.gov.


Open to the Public!

The 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meetings are open to the public.  Join us if you are a resident, business owner, or other stakeholder in the 2nd Precinct.  We welcome your participation and support. 

Dan Scoggins

2nd Precinct Advisory Council




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