2nd Precinct Advisory Council Meeting – December 9th

Join us for our monthly 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meeting at Central Avenue Apartments Community room, at 1900 Central Avenue NE.

Officer’s Holiday Dinner – December 24th
The 30th Annual Police Officer’s Holiday Dinner will be our guest speaker!  We will talk about the plans for the event for the Police Officers and First Responders who attend each year.  Dorothy Bode, Jeff Meehan, Emilie Quast, Peter Radford and Jon Blonk have been making calls to set up food for the event.  This is a fun event, and we intend to invite Police Officers and other first responders like Fire, Paramedics, Deputies as we do every  year.  If you would like to volunteer to cover a 2-hour shift on Christmas Eve between Noon-Midnight, pick up food or if you are Business and would like to DONATE food, contact dan.scoggins@yahoo.com.

The Bylaws require that we hold elections at our December meeting.  These elections will be for our Executive board.  Currently our board team is Dan Scoggins, President; Larry Ranallo, Vice President; Open; Treasurer, Peter Radford, Secretary; and Emilie Quast and Jon Block, At-large.  Dan Scoggins’ term limit as President is up so we will have a new President elected.

If you would like to join us, we have a total of 7 seats authorized to fill.  Come to the December meeting.  We will be taking nominations from the floor.

Court Watch
Court Watch will start approximately at 7:00pm.

Open to the Public!
The 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meetings are open to the public.  Join us if you are a resident, business owner, or other stakeholder in the 2nd Precinct.  We welcome your participation and support.

Dan Scoggins
2PAC President


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