Juvenile Crime Discussion at 2PAC Meeting Next Monday

2nd Precinct Advisory Council Meeting – April 9th, 6pm at 1900 Central Avenue

Please join us for our monthly 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meeting.
2nd Precinct Advisory Council Meeting – April 9th, 6pm – Youth focus  

For the month of April and May we are going to have a Youth Focus. Lt. Andy Smith of the MPD Juvenile Division will be answering some basic questions about youth crime for us.        

  • History – what is the recent history of youth crime in SE/NE? 
  • What kinds of crime do youth commit?           
  • Is most of youth crime just a few kids doing all or most of the crime?         
  • What trends are there in youth crime?         
  • What other problems does Law Enforcement see with youth crime?         
  • How can we help MPD with youth crime issues?

There will be time for your questions too. We hope to learn about youth crime and have a good discussion about an important issue . Please email us at courtwatch.2pac@gmail.com with any questions about the meeting.




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