Sept. Report, Part 2: State of the Precinct, Attorneys’ reports and MN HEALS 2.0 Intro.

State of the PrecinctCPS Rashid Ali, reporting

Crime statistics for the 2nd Precinct are still looking good.   [See chart, below]  

The suspect in the homicide on Cole Avenue has been charged.   That was a domestic dispute.

If you recall, about a year ago, Crime Prevention Specialists were moved from being MPD employees to Neighborhood Community Relations.  CPSs will be moving back to MPD by the end of the year.   Rashid will come back to 1911 Central.   [EQ: Excellent!] 

Also the City Council confirmed Dr. Cedric Alexander as Minneapolis’ first Community Safety Commissioner.   He has already mentioned he wants to hire more CPS staff.   Rashid has been covering all of the Second Precinct since Nick Juarez moved to UMPD.  The Second Precinct originally had three people: 1 for the Precinct above Broadway, 1 for the Precinct below Broadway, AND 1 for the Dinkytown area.  

[Star Trib article cited here lists Dr. Alexander’s credentials and experience:

We’ve seen a slight down turn of crime in the Dinkytown area.   MPD and UMPD have stepped up patrols to keep that trend going.   We have seen  some shots fired in the last couple weeks.   The Precinct is looking for people to put in overtime hours, since we’re still short staffed. 

Move in week and first week of classes often show an uptick of crimes of opportunity as folks moving in are not familiar with recommendations for keeping themselves and their property safe in Minneapolis.  We have reports of unattended laptops and unlocked mopeds  and bikes disappearing.    Rashid and others are spreading the word about clearing possessions out of cars, keeping cars, and residential doors and windows locked and more. 

Crime in the 2nd Precinct – last 28 days through 9/11:


Assault                                          69        83

   (Includes domestic ag.aslt.          8         11

Burglary (brk & entering)               24        38

Vandalism  (prop.destr.)                66        56

Homicide                                         1          0

MV Theft                                        63        57

Robbery                                         11        10

      (incl.carjacking)                         8         11

Sex Offenses                                   1        10             

Stolen Property offenses                 0          3

Weapon Law violations                    7          6  

Gunshot victims                               2          2

These stats were taken from the MPD Crime Dashboard.  YOU can access that at

Hennepin County Attorney’s Office –  Atty. Sandra Filardo:   No updates to report.

City of Minneapolis Attorney’s Office  – Nnamdi Okoronkwo reported that on Friday, Sept 9, the City Council approved the appointment of Kristyn  Anderson, who will start Sept. 26.    [  ]   Atty Okoronkwo is hopeful that her appointment will lead to decisions that will speed up the work to dig out  from last winter’s caseload.

MN HEALS 2.0, stands for Minnesota Hope, Education and Law and Safety, revised.

Emilie brought up a story in the S’Trib about this program.  

In January, Attorney Mike Freeman announced that he had asked mayors, county commissioners, law enforcement, business and faith leaders to convene in a public-private partnership called MN HEALS 2.0  


MN HEALS was the successful cooperative program that Atty.  Freeman used to abate crime in Minneapolis in 1997.   That year, Minneapolis was tagged “Murderapolis” because of our high crime rates.   MN HEALS focused tightly on the Phillips neighborhood, which was identified as a core source of actors.

Freeman organized the 16 criminal justice jurisdictions that served the Phillips neighborhood.   MN HEALS promoted partnerships between police and probation officers, safety centers, youth jobs programs, community and business leaders. As a result, violent crime declined by 62% in ten years, and murder fell in Minneapolis’ Third Precinct from 26 in 1995 to five in 2002.

In January, 2022, Freeman called for a resurrection and expansion of that successful program.  MN HEALS 2.0 will cover all Hennepin County.  It will focus on the most serious of violent crimes, suburban as well as urban, and have a particular emphasis on recent violent juvenile carjackings. MN HEALS 2.0 will be aligned with other existing partnerships across jurisdictions within Hennepin County, including the City of Minneapolis and the existing Hennepin County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee.

Participants will include representatives from cities across the county, and members of police and other law enforcement organizations. It includes embedding a social worker in every suburban police department for help with violence interruption.   Joining HCAO are other supporters including the Mpls Downtown Council, The Downtown Improvement District, and Minnesota Business Partnership. 

Religious leaders are already involved, among them The Rev. Jerry McAfee who is pointing to the economic environment that drives criminal activity.  He is quoted in a Star tribune article on MN HEALS 2.0, “We can’t put change entirely on law enforcement.  Every resident has to play their role.   I continue to be amazed that there are more good people than bad people.”

MN HEALS 2.0 news reports and bulletins:



KARE 11 –

Youtube –

FOX News –

The original 1997 program in detail:

I hope we’ll get more information about progress with this program in October.

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Preview YouTube video Hennepin Co. Attorney Mike Freeman Launches HEALS 2.0 Partnership  see

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