March Report, Part 2


Emilie Quast reported that the Minneapolis  Crime dashboard has been totally revised and enhanced!     It’s easy to use, fairly intuitive, presents more important data,   Check

There are now more definitions on the page.   You can search by precinct (as before), but you can also search down to Ward, and all the way down to a specific neighborhood.   You can also expand or shrink the time included in the report from the last seven days all the way up to the last four years for easy historical comparisons. 

Second  announcement:  Ukrainians in the 2nd Precinct – the how and why they are our neighbors.   Check here:


Crime in the 2nd Precinct 2/14-3/13:

(all numbers are higher than in the last 28 days unless otherwise noted)

Assault – 73  (includes 8 domestic)

Burglary – 29

Vandalism 31  –  DOWN

Homicide  0

Larceny/Theft 45 – SAME

Robbery 8 – SAME (includes 1 car jacking)

Stolen Property 3 – DOWN

Weapon Law Violations 4

Total:       193 incidents

Shots fired calls 10  – Memo: includes shooting, shooting report only, shotspotter & sound of shots

Gunshots events 1

Further note at the bottom of the page:   One incident or case may count multiple times under the National Incident System.  All numbers are preliminary and subject to change on further review.


Lt  Nelson reported a new class of recruits has just started, so there are new people entering the system.  The Second Precinct has had no new retirements, so staffing is stable.

Looking forward, Minnesota Hockey is coming up to playoffs with two schools high in the rankings so the 2nd Precinct will be getting busier.   Inspector McGinty and Lt. Nelson are working on staffing issues and are  coordinating with Chief Matt Clark to plan safe coverage of the entire 2nd Precinct should we end up in the Frozen Four.

[EQ: I understand we have both Mankato and U of MN alumni staffing the Second Precinct.] 

The Precinct celebrated Pi Day with assorted fresh pies starting with French silk. 

Emilie held up the Hillard Heintze  “After-action review  of City Agencies’ Responses to Activities Directly Following George Floyd’s Death on May 2, 2020”. It is an interesting document, which just lays out what documents were in force at the time and, based on evidence,  who did or did not respond as directed in the documents.   You may see the full report in the Star Tribune:

P.O. Ihrke reported the February charges, and 43 arrests, from the 193 incidents found on the Dashboard.

5 Felony charges included Threat of violence, possession of a firearm by a felon, Malicious punishment of a child, 4th degree criminal sexual assault, 1 domestic assault. 

The crimes reported on the new dashboard resulted in 43 arrests for warrants, trespassing, stolen motor vehicles, stalking, burglaries and domestic assaults. 

The recording for the full March meeting can be found here:

Emilie Quast, Board member

MPD Second Precinct Advisory Council (2-PAC)


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