March report, Part 2

Como Cares is a new community-building safety initiative that is just several months into development.   It’s being organized by  Cody Hoerning and  Andrew Norton, SECIA members, and Jessica Focht-Perlberg, SECIA Executive Director.   Como Cares progress to date was  reported in Part 1 of this report.

The  story about the successful first Drop-In Day, a Como Cares event, appeared in the MN Daily newspaper:

The new format for COURTWATCH was presented by Probation Office Holly Ihrke.  A group including P.O. Ihrke, Cody Hoerning, CPS Juarez, a Lt. from the Second Precinct.  

The new format will involve looking at incident locations, identifying what types of crime neighborhoods are experiencing,  and then following the higher profile events that may have elicited community impact statements, and giving updates on where these cases are in the court process.

Looking at the Second Precinct incident reports for February, Marcy-Holmes and Prospect Park were two high-incident areas.  There were seven felony charges in the Second Precinct, most were assault or felony theft related.   Both Zaccardi brothers are back in custody.    Scott Dennis Brozek is also back in custody and has pending charges.
Atty. Okoronkwo reported that he’s charged all the cases that have come to him.   Most are trespass cases from a parking ramp  in Stadium Village — 501 Washington Avenue, which is also the address of U of MN Parking and Transportation.  Likely those people were sheltering from the cold in a ramp stairwell.  505 Washington is the mail address of UMPD.

Using the MPD Dashboard to examine crime in the Second Precinct (or across the city) presents some “difficulties”.   Emilie explained that she can get the totals of Part 1 crimes from one place on the dashboard, but when she looks at the interactive incident map, the same symbol can be used for two different crimes or the same crime can be reported by two different symbols.  Plus, the symbols overlay so it’s difficult and not always possible to get down to the particular incident you want to look at.   She was concerned that a homicide was reported on the city in one viewing, but had disappeared from the map the next time she looked. 

CPS Juarez replied that the map symbol is fixed when a crime is first reported.   Some [perhaps] never get corrected if the charge changes.   A reported death may have first been called a homicide, but later changed to DOA, which would get corrected on the map. 

CPS Juarez gave a report of downtown activity on the first day of the Chauvin trial, and, happily, it was quiet.   He received no notices of  downtown activity. 

  From Nnamdi Okoronkwo to Everyone:  06:23 PM

2-PAC In April:   Over the last several years, 2-PAC has presented speakers from several of the 4th Judicial District’s Specialty Courts, which combine support, encouragement, and an expectation that the target will accept intense supervision and treatment.   In April, we will hear from Judge Mark Kappelhoff and some of his colleagues who will tell us how they are changing the Juvenile Courts  to improve outcomes for young people they see in their courts.

Emilie Quast, Board member


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