March Report, Part 2

The meeting was called to order at 6:15.  17 attenders

MPRB Police Chief Jason Ohotto, brought us up to date.  He last spoke at 2PAC in 2016.  His presentation is summarized in Part 1 of this report.

COURTWATCH:  Nnamdi Okoronkwo, Mpls City Attorney presented. 

  • Richard Breen –  On April 2, he was placed on a health and welfare hold as he is unable to care for himself; so far, he is doing OK and has a Restorative Court pretrial on April 22.
  • Tanner Dewitt is in custody  HCJ, review hearing scheduled March 25.
  • Kelli Durow (aka Tamera Hoveland) has 7 new trespass complaints at the U of MN, this year alone.  Her arraignment was scheduled for March 18.  A lot of her  charges get dismissed because she is unable to participate in her own defense
  • Samuel Haase is in HCJ.  He has a hearing on April 14,  felony trespass.
  • Johnny Hall was scheduled to be discharged from probation on  4.4.19.   He has a new (1.16.20) charge of 5th degree drug possession, pretrial is 4.21.20.
  • Daniel Heacock was recommitted on 2.4.20 and has a review hearing on 8.11.20
  • Paula Heille graduated from Chemical Treatment Court on March 9!
  • Cody Horton remains on probation through 11.19.21 and had a review hearing on 3.12.20
  • Christian Klockeman had a hearing on 2.10.20 for Veterans’ Court but failed to appear.  Active bench warrant.
  • Joshua Poplawski  has been deemed competent to participate in his defense and his cases are going ahead.  He is in Homes Court to obtain housing.
  • Kirk Robledo is back in custody in Washington County.
  • Miles Shaw is in custody of the Dept of Corrections – his release date is 4.27.20.
  • Leslie Wade has a pretrial on 4.2.20 for his third trespass on U of MN property.
  • Michael Zaccardi  remains on probation until 1.31.21 for misdemeanor trespass.
  • Spencer Hermes remains on probation until 5.23.22 but (per his parole officer)  is unlikely to reoffend and is dropped from our watch list.  His 5th degree drug possession was his only police contact in the city since 1995.

STATE OF THE PRECINCT:  Officer  Nelson reported that theft from cars is still rising.  This is  from parking on the street, or restaurant or similar parking lots.   When the criminals see “something”, like a bundle or a bag,  break into the car and take it.  Clothes or a laptop, they will take it and find out what they’ve got later. 

Another issue is rising theft of catalytic converters.   If you hear a saw sound late at night, call immediately.  Rashid received a couple of calls that people had heard a saw sound late at night and didn’t know what to do about it.  The answer is call 911 immediately!  This theft can be a one or two person team:  they know what they are doing and they are very quick. QUESTION:  don’t the metal recycling people notice and report this?  ANSWER: it’s about the same deal as pawn shops.

Attempted abductions in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood.   There have been three incidents;  the victims have worked with sketch artists and seem to be similar features on all three sketches.  Officer Nelson assured us we have a senior  detective working on this and he is very good.  The Second Precinct is in the information pipeline.  There are extra patrols in the area for this and for the catalytic converters.  [EQ : the sketches appeared in the Star Tribune on March 13.  Check here:

Reminder:  OPEN HOUSE AT THE PRECINCT Monday May 11, 4-7PM.  Food off the grill, sides, beverage and dessert with sit down eating, Patrol Horses, K-9s, Bike Cops for Kids with drawing for give-away  bikes, the mobile command center and a lot more.  It’s rain or shine, and they have canopy shelter if it rains.     Join us!

Emilie Quast, Board member


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