December Report, part 2

COURTWATCH:  Sandra Filardo, Hennepin Cty Atty’s Office and Nnamdi Okoronkwo, Minneapolis Atty’s Office reporting: 

–Samuel Haase has a pre-trial hearing on January 21 on his trespassing charge. 
–Daniel Heacock  was recommitted on July 19 but is no longer in custody and has a hearing on January 14 to see if he is now competent to stand trial. 
–Paula Heile committed a probation violation and will be in the workhouse until March 17; she can get a furlough for treatment  when a bed is available. 
–Cody Horton  had a review hearing in December 12, but seems to be meeting probation rules. 
–Joshua Poplawski was released from the workhouse on 10/30, but picked up on 11/07 for trespass and has a January 7 arraignment. 
–Kirk Robledo has an arraignment on Feb 4 for his theft from Target Express in Dinkytown; he has been sent to treatment. 
–Miles Shaw is in custody of the Dept of Corrections and his release date is Apr.20, 2020. 
–Michael Zaccardi was found trespassing on a construction site on October 5; his arraignment was on Dec. 10.

–Johnny Hall  remains on probation until 9/21/20, but has zero updates, meaning he is meeting the conditions of probation.   
–Spencer Hermes will be on supervised probation until May 23, 2022.  
–James Zaccardi  has been doing well in MHC treatment and has a review hearing on January 7, 2020.

CPS Rashid Ali offered some strategies for preventing package theft.  It seems like some package thieves are following the delivery trucks, BUT  Amazon offers lockers in many locations around the Metro.  I tried this and the one most convenient for me is in Rosedale.  Here’s the link for you
and, USPS –!input
Spread the word!

More convenient yet —   A block club leader who works from home has a standing arrangement with members of her block club.  She accepts deliveries at her home for her neighbors and notifies them when a package arrives.
Inspector Loining asked people to (of course) make sure the house/garage/car are locked up over holidays and every day.  He added that if you will be out of town for a holiday trip,  you can register your home at the Precinct.  You’ll be asked if you have any regular visitors (like pet sitters), if you have lights that are on auto and if so, when they are timed to go on and off.  Do you know your neighbors and are they people you’ll be trusting with a key.  The idea is that a squad on patrol will have a  “empty house check” note so the officers will  drive past to see if all is as you have written.
The meeting adjourned.  People involved in the December 24 dinner stayed to check progress (and it looked pretty good so far)
Emilie Quast, Board MemberMPD Second Precinct Advisory Council


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