March 2-PAC Report, Part 2

Our speaker this month was City Councilman Steve Fletcher who outlined the steps taken so far to keep late night in the North Loop entertainment area safe and fun. See Part 1 of this month’s 2-PAC report.

COURTWATCH: Natalie Box remains in custody ($300K bail); jury trial is scheduled for 4/29 considering two charges of 1st Degree Agg.-Robery and 1 1st degree assault in Marcy-Holmes, Holland and Logan Park. Jonell Butler is charged on the same reports as Box and will also be having a jury trial on the same day, same lead prosecuting attorney.

Samuel Haase is now in custody after a bench warrant was issued on 2-26 for failure to appear. His hearing was on 3/8, and he’s next scheduled to appear on 4/4. He was originally charged on 5 complaints, all in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood.

Daniel Heacock is waiting for a 5/14 hearing to determine his competency for trial.

Spencer Hermes will plead guilty on a 5th degree drug possession on 4/2.

Cody Horton had a probation violation warrant issued 3/1. He is supposed to be following conditions imposed by Mental Health Court.

Joshua Poplawski had a 2/06 review hearing in the 3rd Precinct and a 2/27 pretrial in the 1st Pct. he was convicted of a Possession of drug paraphernalia on Marcy-Holmes on 2/27 and will be on probation to 8/27/20.

Michael Zaccardi was charged with 3rd degree assault in Windom Park, and will receive sentencing on 4/5.

Maxim Chance remains on probation to 4/18 and is meeting terms of probation. Johnny Hall will be on probation until 9/17/20 and his probation officer has no concerns at this time. Paula Heile remains on probation through 7/12/21 and is meeting the terms of probation. Mahad Ismail is meeting his probation which will expire on 7/29. Robert Schroeder remains on probation to 3/20. James Zaccardi is doing well in Mental Health Court and had a review hearing on 3/12.

PRECINCT REPORT: Property reports have been quiet and calm: There was one garage burglary on between February 26 and March 11, (cold weather factor, maybe?).

There was a robbery at the Quarry T-Mobile store. All three suspects are in custody. One was traced to St. Paul where he tried to get away but slipped on the ice. (He’s now in the hospital with a broken bone.) None of the three has been charged as of 3/11.

The suspects in the case at 3300 Pierce Street, reported last month, have been charged.


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