Sept. 2-PAC report, part 2: regular meeting

STATE OF THE PRECINCT:  Sgt. David Hansen reported that students are just coming back to the U, and have more free time early in the year.  The Precinct and UMPD are running saturation details over the weekends, especially in Dinkytown and Stadium Village.  Patrols are watching for people they spot walking down the street focused on their phones with no idea of who  is around them; officers are trying to raise awareness, teach some street smarts. Officers are spending lots of time on robbery; detached garages are targets. Crime statistics for July are here   which is the most recent compilation available online. QUESTION:  How do you divide the area up with UMPD?  There is a division of labor:  the U of MN PD is more hands on, on the campus.  MPD meets with the University Off Camus Living Dept., and works directly with students who live off campus, but there is a lot of overlap and shared responsibility between the two independent forces.
COURTWATCH:  COURTWATCH:  Judi Cole from Hennepin County Attorney’s Office presented updates to our list:
 Richard Breen had a pretrial hearing on 9/14 for his loitering charge.
 Cody Corbin is in custody on $20K bail for a felony violation of no-contact order and has
an October 5 hearing.
 Jason Enrico was sentenced to 13 months on July 14 th for felony check forgery. His
sentence was stayed for 3 years (that is a stay of execution with conditions) and he
immediately furloughed to treatment.
 Hussein Farah has an omnibus hearing on 9-15 and is in custody on $10,000 bail for
felony charges of 5 th degree drug possession and 5 th degree criminal sexual conduct.
 Kevin Foster was convicted of felony 1st degree damage to property on June 5 th and
received a stay of imposition. He will be on supervised probation until 6.5.20.
 Johnny Hall has two outstanding warrants from February for 5 th degree controlled
substance cases.
 Steven Haney has a sentencing on one 1 st degree controlled substance case and a jury
trial scheduled on another 1 st degree controlled substance case; both on 11/6.
 Daniel Heacock has warrants on two misdemeanor thefts and has a review of
competency on 11-7- 17 on his felony check forgery.
 Paula Heille has a jury trial on 10/9 for a felony 5 th degree controlled substance charge.
Bryan Holmes had a HOMES Court hearing on Sept 12 for loitering with open bottle
charges and a pre-trial on 10-11 for two similar charges out of the 1 st Precinct.
 Mahad Ismail was convicted on 7/19 for giving false information to an officer; warrant
issued on 8/31 for failure to appear at the ACF.
 Curtis Laroque's GM theft sentence from 11/4/16 was amended on 6/14/17 after a
probation violation hearing to 365 days at the workhouse, 305 days stayed for 2 years.
 Kenneth Nelson has a jury trial scheduled on 10/9 for a controlled substance case and
two other controlled substances are continued for appearances on the same date (two
Minneapolis cases and one Edina).
 Dae Nisell was convicted on 6/23 for violation of a restraining order and has an 18
month stayed sentence with 3 years of probation.
 Joshua Poplawski is in custody on a probation violation for 5 th degree controlled
substance conviction. He is held without bail with a hearing scheduled for 9/14.
 Robert Schroeder has a bench warrant for failure to appear on a public urination charge.
 Michael Zaccardi was three misdemeanor charges; two tampering with motor vehicle
and one theft. He also has a felony 1 st degree damage to property.
No change:  Johnny Hall has been missing since February and has not turned up.   Ashley Sage is compliant with her probation for a 5th degree controlled substance conviction and is making regular court review hearings.
NEW BUSINESS: Emilie reminded attenders that our October meeting always conflicts with Indigenous People’s Day, which is a holiday for city employees.  Did attenders want to postpone until the following Tuesday or meet on  a different Monday in October.  Hennepin Cty. Atty Judi Cole commented that she will not be on holiday and is happy to come.  Attenders voted to meet on our regular second Monday, October 9.
No further business;  meeting was adjourned at 7:40.

Our presenter on October 9 will be a representative from Restorative Justice.  We had a presentation from them about 3 years ago so this will be an update for some of us and all new info from others.  In November we’ll hear about the MPD Implicit Bias training program for police officers and others.


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