Oct. 2-PAC report, part 2: regular meeting

The meeting was called to order by Larry Ranallo at 6:20.  20 people attending.
Report from Emilie Quast about moving our day of meeting away from the 2nd Monday.  It did not work out well.  We have MORE conflicts if 2PAC meets on the third Monday of the month, as several neighborhood organizations meet that evening and people who attend those meetings are the people we want to see coming to PAC.
In November, we will meet on the 19th,  the third Monday, but will then return to 2nd Monday starting in January.  If we have a conflict (as for MLK or Presidents days), we have permission to use the Roll Call room at the 2nd Precinct on the Tuesday following the conflicted Monday.
As always an announcement will go out close to the first of the month, stating WHEN we meet, WHERE we meet, and WHO our featured speaker will be.
December meetings will be small groups coming together to work out plans for the December 24 10-hour buffet for first responders.   We need people for various duties from early in December and on through the 24th.  It’s fun to do, and it’s appreciated by the people who need this break from working on this family day.  More volunteers are always welcome and needed.  If you’ve got an idea you’d like to suggest, please come in.  This dinner was started by two neighbors taking a walk past the old precinct building on 12-24 and realizing that the building was full of  people working hard on a day when most of the city was leaving early for a holiday with family.    Good ideas lead to good places.
Our speaker was Amy Sizer from the Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center, reported in Part 1 of this month’s summary.
COURTWATCH:  Judi Cole, Hennepin County Atty’s Office, and Sarah Becker, Minneapolis Atty’s Office.
The first announcement is that Sarah Becker has been reassigned to the Fifth Precinct.  We are very sorry to see her leave us, and we know the 5th Precinct is lucky to have her join them.
Sarah relayed that a replacement has been named, but might not be available to start attending right away.
Ronald Bailey had a 10-29 hearing for his 4th degree assault in the 1st Pct.; his most recent mental health examination won’t be available until then.   Samuel Haase  was sentenced (following a guilty plea) on 9-17 for damage to property, and put on probation through 9/19, plus must pay restitution, however he committed a similar offense and has violated probation; a hearing is scheduled for November 19.  Johnny Hall was convicted on 9/17 of 5th degree drug probation and sentenced to 15 months at St. Cloud — this was stayed for 2 years while he serves probation (terms do include that he obtain employment, submit to random drug testing, and taking his prescribed medications). Daniel Heacock remains under civil commitment, which will be reviewed soon to see if that commitment can continue.  Cody Horton has an 11/01 omnibus hearing on his 1st degree burglary (of his tenants) and a sentencing the same day for reckless discharge of a firearm (from his apartment into a neighbor’s apartment).  Joshua Poplawski  had two review hearings scheduled on 11/06, but is now back in custody on a new trespass charge; he refused to come to HOMES court on 10/15  (you’re allowed to refuse one time, but the second time the judge may issue an order to appear).  Robert Schroeder’s charge for loitering with an open bottle was dismissed on 9/11; he remains on probation to 3/20/19.  Alfonso Seals was in custody at the Ramsey County Jail but has been transferred to Hennepin County Jail and had an omnibus hearing on 10/23; he also has an aggravated robbery hearing pending in Dakota County (11/18/16 offense date).  James Zaccardi has an hearing on 11/07/18 which is about receiving in-patient treatment and mental health services; his attorney wants him to continue to receive these services, but since he has about 6 criminal charges which is a presumptive prison sentence, so he might not get into the specialty court.
No updates:  Maxim Chance was convicted on 4-18 and remains on probation.  Paula Heille is continuing the meet the conditions of her probation.  Bryan Holmes remains on probation through 11/16/18.  No updates on Mahad Ismail.  No updates on Curtis Laroque.  Dwayne Miles is waiting for his 1/17/19 Jury trial on 5th degree drug sale and possession.   Michael Zaccardi’s omnibus hearing for 3rd degree assault (in Windom Park) was rescheduled to 10/29 awaiting a new defender.
Ms. Cole also gave us an update on the robbery that happened in early October since it was violent and nearby.  Two people were charged  on the robberies that occurred  the night of Oct. 5-6.  The people who were charged in these robberies are Jonell  Butler and Natalie Box.  Butler was charged with three since he did the actual confrontation: an aggravated assault at  10:37 PM 13th Ave and 4th Street NE,  11:40PM  (4th and 22nd NE), 1:02AM (12 Ave. SE and University) with Box accompanying him.  The last two are robberies, but the person who was shot in the assault remains hospitalized.  Butler also has a robbery charge in North Minneapolis in September.  Butler is on parole from Louisiana.  Box was not involved  in  the Sept. 8 robbery.  She does have an arson charge for setting a fire in a women’s shelter.  The investigators traced Butler through the car, which belonged to his mother.  His bail was set at $800K before they found the Louisiana charge, so he will be held.   FFI:  https://www.insidempd.com/2018/10/12/2-suspects-charged-in-string-of-armed-robberies/
They will be added to Courtwatch so we can follow them through the system.
STATE OF THE PRECINCT:  Sgt. Nelson gave the summary:     Burglaries generally rise in the Second Precinct at this time of year, especially in Southeast when new students move in and really don’t know each other.  MPD encourages roommates to let each other know their schedules, and above all, to be in the habit of locking doors and securing windows.   If people see opportunity, they’ll take your possessions, especially electronics. CPS Juarez  reported that in response to the predictable rise in crime in the University area, he, with the UMPD and others are creating a group to teach students how to spot crime, how to report crime and how to protect themselves from crime.  Focus will be SE Como, Prospect Park, Marcy-Holmes.  They are also running robbery suppression details in these neighborhoods.
This is also a time of the year when we see snowblowers and bikes taken from garages.  It’s helpful to register your bike with the city, and write down the serial number of your snowblower so if it’s recovered, you can get it back.
Finally, empty your car before you lock it up and walk away.  Don’t leave anything in your car that you want to keep.
Sgt. Nelson continued:  There have been a lot of copper theft, especially on the north side and elsewhere from houses under construction, and from roofs of businesses.  There is a lot of copper in air conditioners, which many businesses keep on the roof.  In winter no one notices, but on the first hot day, they discover the theft when they want to turn on the AC.  It’s a good idea to check occasionally during the winter months to make sure people can’t easily get up there and to spot evidence if they already have.  If someone steals the copper, it will be an expensive repair.
The University just got done with Homecoming and we had an open street on Broadway,  which brought about 13,000 people.  It was COLD!  They sold about 19K tickets but rain and snow cut down on attendance.  The organizers really like that place so we’ll see if there is another next year.
COMING EVENTS:  Our speaker in November is Kimberly Simmonds from 311, who will explain the other half of the Minneapolis call for service system.  311 is the call center that connects you to all non-emergency city services.
2PAC meets in November on the 3rd Monday, November 19, 6PM at 1900 Central Ave NE.  That will be our last “Third Monday”.
In January we return to meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month.  The tentative topic is “What happens when the police get a theft report?”  An officer will take an actual case and lead us through the steps investigators take to reach a level of resolution.

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