June meeting notes, part 2: Regular business

The meeting was called to order by Emilie Quast at 6:18 PM. 26 attenders.

Inspector Loining introduced three new people who have joined the Second Precinct. Lt. Nelson, Lt. Osland, and Crime Analyst Luther Krueger. Welcome to all!

The top crime issues in the Second Precinct remain robberies and burglaries.

Of the 7 robberies, 2 were robberies of businesses (NE Bank and Two Amigos) The geographic breakdown is 3 in Holland (including 2 of persons), 2 in Windom, and 2 in Marcy Holmes East (Dinkytown to 35W).

The Precinct had 32 burglaries between May 11 and June 11. Of those 28 were burglaries of dwelling and 4 were burglaries of businesses. Marcy Holmes reports the greatest number of burglaries and most of those show no sign of forced entry. This category does include unsecured garages.

Good news: 4 items

1) There was a rise of burglaries of storage units in SE Mpls apartment buildings. A resident reported a burglary in progress, and officers arrested Saul Gonzalez Jr, and Marissa Farber. Since then the number of burglaries has decreased.

2) Audubon Neighborhood had a pattern of burglaries mostly occurring on Fridays, during the day, by back door forced entry. An officer stopped a vehicle and identified a party but didn’t have cause to detain him. This person was later arrested for burglary in another part of the city and number of incidents has decreased.

3) Holland was seeing burglaries by young black males on a yellow moped. Officers stopped a yellow moped and identified a rider who had a history of committing burglaries and admitted he’d done a burglary in North Mpls.

4) A person arrested in St. Paul confessed to some burglaries of businesses in NE Minneapolis. An officer is working with St. Paul PD to make a positive connection.

City Attorney Sarah Becker opened Courtwatch, and explained the Courtwatch procedure to newcomers in the room.

Ronald Bailey, 2nd Degree murder charge, has a jury trial on 8/20. Maxim Chance pleaded guilty on lower charge and is on probation until 4/19. Johnny Hall 9/17 Jury trial for 5th degree narcotics and probation violation hearing.

Richard Breen demanded execution of sentence and was released on 6/15/18 when he had completed his sentence.

Daniel Heacock has significant mental health issues. Because he is unable to participate in his own defense, the court must dismiss misdemeanors and suspend felonies; however, due to a change of procedures, he has been in civil commitment since May 23. Commitment may mean going to a regional treatment center there are “flexible committments”. Mr. Heacock has a very long history with 35 city-wide arrests since 1995, 24 of them in the Second Precinct. We will be hearing more about this welcome “change in procedures” at a future PAC meeting. It’s been clear for a long time that Mr. Heacock has been creating situations in which he is very much in danger. In addition to endangering himself, he is creating more than nuisance damage to others in the Second Precinct.

No updates: Paula Heille is still on bench warrant status, issued in October. Bryan Holmes, no update. Robert Schroeder no update.

Cody Horton failed to appear at his omnibus hearing (cited for firing a handgun out his window and into a neighbor’s house) and a bench warrant was issued. Mahad Ismail is on probation to 7/19. Curtis Laroque remains on probation to 11/18. Joshua Poplawski has multiple open cases hearing on June 19th and July 12 is trespassed from almost everywhere; attorney’s office may need impact statements which will be requested on GovDoc. James Zaccardi was convicted on May 24, is on probation for 3 years. Michael Zaccardi had his jury trial which he didn’t attend, so a bench warrant was issued.

DROPS: We agreed to drop Cody Corbin since he has been discharged from probation. Richard Breen has completed his sentence. Dropping Paula Heille was considered

Dwayne Miles for one count of 5th degree marijuana sale and one count of 5th degree drug possession for a large amount of marijuana.

Rico Gonzalez-Briseno for 1 count of assault (2nd degree) with a dangerous weapon causing substantial bodily harm and 1 count of assault (2nd degree) with a dangerous weapon, on 5-12-18. (Marcy-Holmes)

Alfonso Seals for 1 count of assault (2nd degree) with a dangerous weapon causing substantial bodily harm and 1 count of assault (2nd degree) with a dangerous weapon, on 5-12-18.

Judi Cole explained the division of responsibility between City Attorney and County Attorney’s offices. In larger cities in Minnesota (Mpls., St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, et al.) the City Attorney’s office is responsible for misdemeanor charges through gross misd. which can result into sentencing up to 90 days. The County Attorney’s office handles felony and juvenile offenses. In many outstate areas, the County Attorney’s office handles both.

EQ: Judi offered to supply, and I offered to handle summary sheets on this topic, sentencing guidelines, and on a few other topics that are pertinent to Courtwatch outcomes. None of the topics is terribly complex, but there is too much detail to absorb in one quick meeting with no references.

Questions from attenders: One person wants a map of the precinct. She wants to know how far a crime or crime pattern is from her neighborhood so she has an idea of how much concern she should feel. CPS Rashid will find a map that only outlines the various neighborhoods.


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