2-PAC Meeting, part 2: regular business

Our new Crime Prevention Specialist, Abdirashid Ali introduced himself.  Rashid will be the CPS for the Second Precinct, north of Broadway and west of Stinson.  He has already bee out meeting people in the Second Precinct and learning a bit about who we are.  The Northeaster published an interview which tells a bit more about his background  https://www.mynortheaster.com/news/new-crime-prevention-specialist-gives-take-on-ne/

State of the Precinct:  Inspector Loining summarized the EOY statistics for the Second, Auto theft was up by almost 24%!  In one week alone, of 13 vehicles stolen, 12 had the keys in them.  Auto theft arrests were also up, but clearly, we’re making it too easy for the thieves.  A second bad spot was burglary of dwellings, which includes unlocked garages,  porches, and some residences.

The Police Academy just swore in 25 new officers; the Second Precinct will welcome 4 of them.

COURTWATCH:  Judi Cole and Sarah Becker reporting our updates:

Richard Breen  has a pretrial on March 21; Cody Corbin received a conditional release to treatment on November 30 with a Stay of Imposition and is  on probation until July24, 2020; Hussein Farah was convicted on 11-2-17 364 days sentence stayed for 2 years, on probation to 11/2/19 with conditions; Johnny Hall has a jury trial on 1-22-18; Steven Haney is now back in custody with a sentencing on 2-6-18 and a new charge of fleeing the police; Daniel Heacock  had a new warrant issued on 1-3-18; Paula Heille had a jury trial on 12-4-17;  Bryan Holmes had an open bottle charge dismissed on 11-16 but convicted of a similar on the same day and will be on probation until 11/16/18;  Kenneth Nelson has an omnibus hearing on 1/25/18 for 3rd degree drugs sale and possession of ammo,  and a 1/15 hearing for  drug possession;   Michael Zaccardi was convicted on 9/18, his sentence amended on 11/27, but has violated his protection order, he is on probation until 9/18/20.

No Change:  Mahad Ismail still has an open warrant from 8/31 for failure to appear; Curtis Laroque; Joshua Poplawski has moved to the 3rd Precinct;  Robert Schroeder has an open bench warrant issued on 7/12/17 for failure to appear.

Removed from the watch list: Jason Enrico, Kevin Foster, Ashley Sage.

OLD BUSINESS: The December 24 dinner went off smoothly.  Although 2nd Pct staff on duty on the weekend was only 24 Officers and Sergeants, we had a soft count of almost 200 people.  One of our afternoon volunteers wondered how many people couldn’t get in because of short staffing.  Sgt Waletzki made a few phone calls and discovered that the emergency office in the 1st Precinct was one group that had to stay at their computers.  Jesus and Aloida delivered enough food so that everyone there had a good meal.  Good thinking, good  outreach, and a generous spirit made the day a little brighter at the 1st.    A full list of volunteers and donors was printed in The Northeaster, January 10 issue. Thanks to all those who made it happen.


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